Foreign Exchange Trading

August 21, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign Exchange or Forex, as a concept, sounds something of a big deal that not many would want to take up for perusal. People do not use forex every day in their lives, in their 9 to 5 jobs, and that is why the idea of studying it in great depth might not occur. However, the domain is broad, and one can always start by learning the basics of forex trading if they are interested in it. In this article, we shall cover the basic points about forex trading, which can act as a pathway to the bigger world of trading out there. Therefore, without any further ado, let us move on to learn a few basic things about forex trading and solidify our understanding about it.

A Working Definition:

We shall begin with providing a working definition of foreign exchange trading to lay the grounds first. From the very name of it, we can understand that forex stands for foreign exchange. Foreign exchange is the process of currency trading. Simply put, it is the process of buying or selling one currency in exchange for another. It might not occur to you, but when you travel overseas and exchange the currency of your home country in exchange of the one that is used in the foreign country, you partake in the global foreign exchange market. At any given point in time, you can enter the space of forex trading without much capital at hand. And that is why we must look into the basics to make the job of forex trading easy for you.

Exchange Trading

About Currency Pairs Primer:

In this section of the article, we shall talk about currency pairs and their significance. Forex trading always takes place in pairs, and this means that there are always two currencies involved while trading. This is so that the exchange signifies the value of one currency in relation to the other. There are also specific symbols used to denote the pairs of currencies. For instance, EUR/USD is used to denote the pair of Euro and US Dollar. The final thing that we must understand about foreign exchange is that there is always a market price associated that denotes how much of the second currency is required to purchase the first currency.

A Quick Note on Paper-Trading Accounts:

The final thing that we must touch upon in this article is that of the paper-trading account. This is the process where you fake trade through a paper-trading account to check how much prices move in real-time. There are online portals and mobile apps too that offer such accounts. However, the advantage of these mobile apps is that they do not put your capital at any risk.

Paper-Trading Accounts


These were some basic points about foreign exchange trading that we have covered in the article. There are several other factors that you need to consider when you take up forex trading. However, these points shall be a good start for anyone who is just starting out.

Foreign Exchange Trading