October 6, 2020

Understanding the Different Stages of Investments

There are several branches to understanding finance and investments. People who have just started working might want to pay attention to the ropes of investment more than anyone else. They are the ones who need to save their money and invest in the right portfolios. However, they are also the ones who do not have all the required knowledge about investments. And that is why we have an article here that explains the different stages of investments in some details. Let us now delve right into the article and try to get the hang of the right ways of investing.

Investment- In a Nutshell

The very talk about investment could give rise to bouts of nervousness. And this is especially true for the ones who have never gone about the job by themselves before. However, to begin with, there is an investment ‘risk ladder’ that you might want to learn about, and that can help you navigate the risks of different assets and portfolios.

According to this risk ladder, cash is the most stable form of investment, and any other kind of complicated investment is the most volatile. The risk ladder helps you understand the different types of investment so that you can figure out what works the best for you.


The Investment Ladder- Simplified

In this part of the article, we shall look into the different levels of investment, also known as the investment ladder, to better understand the ropes of investment. The investment ladder shall help you work out the type that shall suit you the best. What works for your friend might not as much work for you too. And that is why you need to be more cautious.

Cash- The Most Stable Form of Investment

The most stable form of investment, as we mentioned earlier, is that of cash. There are very few complications associated with it, and it is quite easy to understand as well. Plus, it truly is the safest option for those who want to invest securely. You have the guarantee to get your capital back on time. However, on the downside, you might also have to pay massive penalties to withdraw your money that is locked up in the portfolio.

Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Stocks

Besides other volatile alternative forms of investments like real estate and hedge funds, other options to that lie in between on the ladder are those of bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and stocks. These too, are quite volatile and susceptible to more risks than cash. The ups and downs and sudden market crashes can lead to losses. However, on the plus side, investing in these portfolios can be quite lucrative as well. Mutual funds are a great place to invest, and here you can spread out your investment in a number of portfolios to avoid losing everything altogether.

Mutual Funds


There are different types of investments. While some like to invest in gold and land, some others opt for stocks and policies. You must work your costs and choose the ones that you feel shall work the best for you.