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October 8, 2020

PipsMiner LE Forex Robot performance

Ok everyone, here are the most recent performance data for the PipsMiner LE forex robot.

This is the companion robot for the LE

results are from 12-15-09 thru 2-09-2010

Pips Miner LE

Total trades = 16
win – loss = 15-1
total pips = +275
avg win = +35
avg loss = -250

If you were trading both the LE and SE in combination, you would have a total of 605 pips after 2 months of trading.

Settings Recap:

I did not include leverage settings, because this test was purely to measure pips earned, not account growth. will provide that in a future update.. for now focusing on tracking pips.

Using default settings as is out of box (or download)

Attached is a screen shot of all trades…

…good trades,


LE Forex