This forum is here for traders who want to talk to others, share trading ideas, ask forex related questions etc. Simple is that. We are all adults (at least you need to be if you are a trader...) so let's keep this forum clean. Enjoy!

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Hello Yuval.

I saw your post on and thought I'd pay a visit to see what was going on here. Looks like early days here. Let me introduce myself: I have produced training materials for Forex Club and have just set up my own website at Please feel free to pay us a visit and I'd be interested in any comments you care to make.
Basically, I've signed up here not only in the hope of advertising my site but also because I'm always ready to share/learn more. Really hope this develops into an active community: I'll keep visiting and will post whenever I've got something to say. Good luck!
Where can I get a copy of McGrew's "Rules of Engagement" which are settings for his Trading Methods. I saw his video on this website, and he said to email Todd for any questions. I don't know Todd's email. HELP!
Thanks in advance.


This forums is lack of users sir..
It seems that it must be improve both template and seo..


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