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Do not hesitate to ask any question about trading and InstaForex Company, I will be glad to support everybody.
Our advantages of the competing brokers:
- Best broker in Asia by the version of World Finance
- best trading conditions 
- contest and campaigns with the annual prize fund more than 500,000 USD
- Insta-TV Forex news channel
- Welcome Bonuses (up to 5000 USD)
- segregated accounts
- fresh Forex analytics
- PAMM-system
- InstaForex MasterCard
- Club Card of InstaForex Club
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In November 2011 within the framework of one of the most reputable financial exhibitions of the world Forex&Investment Summit in Abu Dhabi (UAE) InstaForex Company was recognized as the best retail forex broker 2011 and given "Best Retail FX Provider Award 2011".

This is already the fourth important award the Company has been presented in 2011. Each year InstaForex Company is acknowledged as the best by more and more prestigious award juries in various nominations.

This award is of special significance for InstaForex Company as it is presented on the basis of the results of the open voting held among traders.

"Best Retail FX Provider Award 2011" is explicit proof of high estimation of the Company's services by traders from all over the world; it is as well evidence that the Company has chosen the right direction for its development, offering its customers convenient, high quality and reliable financial services.

InstaForex Company expresses its sincere gratitude to everyone who supported it at the voting and to Forex & Investment Summit organizers for the honour.

Trade and earn with InstaForex!

The Ablest Man in the World Chooses InstaForex!
The number-one rated chess player paid a visit to InstaForex team which was held in homely atmosphere in the company's headquarters. Magnus Carlsen expressed a high opinion of the quality of provided services, gave valuable advice on development of the company and explained how understanding of chess strategies may contribute to success outside the chessboard’s 64 squares. Furthermore, Magnus Carlsen handled blitz chess and a series of friendly games with an InstaForex official, International Master in chess.

InstaForex international broker and its top officials share Grandmaster's views and are convinced that intellectual perfection of its staff members enables InstaForex Company to achieve high results in rendering Forex services.

Magnus Carlsen gained dozens of victories in top chess tournaments, such as tournaments of the Grand Slam Chess Association (China 2009, the Netherlands 2010 and Romania 2010) and two tournaments of this year (Romania and Switzerland), which pushed him to the top of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) rating.

Find more about Magnus Carlsen's visit to InstaForex international broker at The ablest man in the world chooses InstaForex!

InstaForex Loprais Team Is a Favourite of Dakar 2012
InstaForex international broker is glad to inform its customers about the 33th legendary transcontinental Dakar rally that starts in Mar del Plata (Argentina) on 1 January 2012. InstaForex Loprais Team, the title team of InstaForex Company, is a favourite in the most prestigious truck category. After a splendid victory in the Silk Way rally, InstaForex Loprais Team is determined to win Dakar, clearing the most important height in rally raids. Supported by InstaForex, the Loprais Team has made preparations for the Dakar 2012 rally all the year round.

Dakar fans from all over the world are looking forward to the rally's start. Two weeks of tight contest in Argentina, Chile and Peru will attract millions of people. Favourites in rally's categories have been already determined. InstaForex Loprais Team and Kamaz Master are obvious favourites in the most prestigious truck category. The recent Silk Way rally ended with InstaForex title team's victory.

InstaForex TV will give full coverage of InstaForex Loprais Team's participation in the Dakar 2012 rally. You will keep track of every development of Dakar 2012 and follow the route with InstaForex TV presenters.

InstaForex Company invites its customers to support InstaForex Loprais Team. Together we win!

InstaForex Opening Hours over Christmas and New Year
Dear Customers,

You are kindly requested to read the information below on InstaForex opening hours over Christmas and New Year. Please make sure that your trading strategy complies with our schedule.

This Christmas comes on Sunday, and the market closes at normal time  on Friday, 23 December. 24-25 December are non-working days. On 26 December, the market opens at 09:00 (terminal time). The Support Service  opens at the same time.

On 30 December, both the market and the Support Office close at  normal time (00:00, terminal time). 31 December - 1 January are  non-working days.

Normal opening hours of all departments resume on Monday, 2 January, at 01:00 (terminal time).

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

InstaForex Trading Platform for iPhone and iPad
InstaForex international broker is glad to introduce its customers and partners to a new iPhone and iPad version of the InstaForextrading platform. The new InstaForex development will enable easy and comfortable Forex trading on Apple gadgets!

A strategic priority of InstaForex Company is innovative trading technologies designed to meet the most sensitive demands of InstaForex customers. Comfortable trading will be ensured by the innovative mobile version of the InstaTrader trading platform developed by the best specialists of the international broker.

Keeping a full functionality of the standard version, the mobile trading platform opens new horizons for Forex trading. You will be able to execute orders, get market quotes on major currency pairs, crosses and world stock indices, as well as carry out technical analysis.

Moreover, a user-friendly InstaTrader interface enables easy setting of pending orders, while the Instant Execution technology provides rapid orders execution. Visit InstaForex official website to download InstaTrader trading platformfor iPhone and iPad for free.

Wherever you are, you are with InstaForex!

ForexCopy - an innovation in the world of trading

InstaForex international broker is happy to introduce an innovative service - the ForexCopy system which allows copying trades of successful forex traders in a real time mode.

The ForexCopy system is an InstaForex  product that has no analogues on the brokerage market. This service is  unique for several reasons. Firstly, it does not imply investment in  profit sharing projects. Secondly, orders that have been copied are  executed immediately. Thirdly, followers can choose currency pairs and  trading instruments to copy trades on and enjoy subtle settings of  volume of trades copied. ForexCopy members are traders who allow others to follow their  trading, i.e. to copy trades from their accounts, and followers who have  activated the service of automatic trades copying in Client Cabinet.

As ForexCopy trader,  you can have a commission for rendering this service to followers.  Payments are calculated and credited to ForexCopy traders automatically.  You can set a fixed payment rate for each day followed or for each  trade copied. Otherwise, you can receive the commission equal to part of  profit gained by followers after closing the trades copied. Once the  registration with the system has been passed and the settings have been  customized, the system functions automatically: followers choose you in  the monitoring list and copy your trades, while the system ensures the commission crediting.

As ForexCopy follower, you can automatically copy trades of professional traders on certain currency pairs and trading instruments. InstaForex Company provides followers with comprehensive statistical data on  trading of every ForexCopy member for them to choose traders. You can  also customize adjustments for each trader, including choosing a volume  of trades to copy, selecting currency pairs and trading instruments to  copy trades on and setting the daily limit of copying. You can start  copying trades right after you have chosen a trader in the monitoring  list.

ForexCopy - the best services for InstaForex customers!

Free devices from InstaForex
InstaForex international broker is happy to inform its customers and partners that the "Free devices from InstaForex" campaign shall be launched on January 23, 2012. Within the framework of this campaign InstaForex customers have opportunities to be granted such state-of-art mobile devices as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

In order to contend for the victory in the Free devices from InstaForex campaign, one is to fulfil the only condition: to replenish his/her InstaForex trading account with an amount not less than USD 500 and pass the registration procedure on the raffle webpage.

The winner of every raffle step and thus the owner of one of the devices shall be determined on a random basis: by a transparent algorithm employing so-called Device number. Every two weeks during 6 months on you have all chances to get one of the devices raffled by the company.

The mobile devices raffle is one of a series of InstaForex campaigns and tournaments with a total annual prize pool running nearly USD 1 000 000. If you are an InstaForex customer, you are welcome to pretend to part of this sum, win one of the raffled automobiles - Lotus Evora or Porsche Cayenne - and also get a cutting-edge device from InstaForex international broker.

Join InstaForex campaigns and tournaments!

Adding Funds to your Account via InstaForex MasterCard
The international broker InstaForex gladly informs all of its Customers, that now it is possible to deposit trading accounts via InstaForex MasterCard card. Now every holder of InstaForex MasterCard debit card can add money to a trading account instantly at web-page Deposit via InstaForex MasterCard on the official website of InstaForex Company. The procedure of depositing funds via your InstaForex MasterCard card is utmost simple and convenient and will take the least of your time.

Moreover, InstaForex cancels all the commissions for deposits via InstaForex MasterCard. Now using InstaForex MasterCard to fund your trading account, you receive the full amount of deposit.

We would like to remind you, that InstaForex MasterCard debit card is a universal instrument of a modern trader, with the help of which you will have a direct connection between your InstaForex trading account and cash (add or withdraw funds from your trading account directly), as well as you will be able to make purchases, pay for services or keep the money on the card.

Forex accounts have never been so simple in use like they have become now - thanks to InstaForex MasterCard debit cards.

If you do not have an InstaForex MasterCard debit card, you can apply for receiving it right now!

Oleg Taktarov Is the Face of InstaForex Company
In late 2011, famous athlete and actor Oleg Taktarov agreed to become customer of InstaForex international broker and represent the brand. According to Oleg Taktarov, he is honored to be the face of such a young and successful company that strives for new victories in the same way he does. InstaForex Company is looking forward to long-lasting and win-win cooperation with the athlete whose proactive life philosophy and morale show an example for imitation and encourage new achievements.

Champion in ultimate fighting, actor, TV show host, film producer and writer, Oleg Taktarov bravely shoots for the stars and scores them like a real "Russian Bear". The world champion in jiu-jitsu and winner of multiple international MMA fights in the U.S., Japan and Brazil starred in more than 40 Russian and American films and won recognition from film fans. Russian TV audience knows him mostly as a popular show host on the central TV.

Oleg Taktarov has become an active trader determined to conquer Forex. The champion is confident in himself and his broker that permanently creates comfortable and profitable conditions for each and every customer. "InstaForex Company largely contributed to my successful start on Forex. I say I am definitely lucky to be its customer", said the athlete in an exclusive interview for InstaForex TV. Learn more about Oleg Taktarov and his cooperation with InstaForex on the official website of the company.

Famous basketball player Ilona Korstin and chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen also represent InstaForex Company.


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