Therefore the price of this pair sits right in the middle of its long-term range that has held for about two months now. This pair is going nowhere. The level of 120.00 may hold as resistance today, giving a few scalping opportunities perhaps.

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The USD/JPY is famous for its bullish pressure, but now it reminds more of scalpers' place. I'm going scalping there too.

The USD/JPY is a totally bullish market right now and I think we'd better open a long-term buy here today and wait for gaining the pips.

The USD/JPY is always the same. As for me, it's the best market for bulls to make huge profit.

I'm pretty sure it's just a little pull-back. I'm still staying long here on this USD/JPY market.

The USD/JPY is acting in the upper area right near the resistant level and I really want to buy here today. I'm sure this chart will break the ceiling.

The USD/JPY is surprisingly going down and I don't know if it will go up again soon, so I feel like opening a sell here today.

The USD/JPY seems to stand right in the pivot point at the moment and I feel like opening the sell here. I plan to earn a lot on this market.

The USD/JPY should make a pivot tomorrow. I'm ready to go in one boat with the bulls, and you?

Go short following a bearish price action reversal on the H1 time frame immediately upon the next touch of 111.02.

This pair does tend to be very sensitive to risk, and with the political drama coming out of the United States, it makes sense that stock sold off, and that of course continues to put bearish pressure on this pair. I think the 110 level below will be a nice target, it has attracted a lot of attention in the past.


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