cTrader Platform Review

cTrader is a gateway to Forex ECN. cTrader trading platform has combined the features familiar to Forex traders with advancements, which makes it powerful and simple to use. The platform is crafted to engage it’s users in aggressive trading, providing all needed tools, which were manufactured for ease of use. Every single detail of cTrader has been developed carefully to squeeze out maximum efficiency.



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cTrader connects it’s users to the true ECN environment. You are able to experience the Forex market in it’s true nature and gain the advantage during every trade. cTrader deploys a list of features needed for trading, with improvements that make them easier than ever to use:


cTrader Key Features

1. Level II Pricing (full market depth)

2. One-Click Order Execution

3. Fail-safe Sell/Buy Limit Order

4. Detachable Charts

5. Easy To-Switch-Between Multiple Account Bar

6. Technical Analysis Tools with Advanced Usability

7. Trade Opening Position Display Location

9. Advanced Charts

10. Expanded Trade Watch

11. Customizable, Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface



Click here to try cTrader innovative trading platform


With Level II Pricing, you get a list of best ranked bid/ask prices with the amounts available. When the conditions are right, you can react immediately with One-Click Order Execution. Not only can you choose between One-Click, you can also select Double-Click trade execution, or use an order screen, obviously choosing the one which best suits your trading style. The fail safe Sell/Buy Limit Order protects you from accidentally draining your account, since choosing the buy/sell limit order, you will only be able to choose from the best offers. By using the Detachable Drag & Drop Charts option, you can pick out your desired currency pair and trade it in the detached chart as a standalone feature on your desktop. It’s easy to switch between your accounts using the Multiple Accounts Bar, so switching between accounts has never been easier. Technical Analysis Tools with Advanced Usability is at your full control, even after you have put them on your charts. With the Trade Opening Position Display Location you will always know when and where you have opened your trade position. You can save your desk space for a nice bonsai tree, instead of having rows of monitors, there’s an option of Smart Multiple Charts which will help you do that. Advanced Charts – six levels of zoom in/out, multiple time frames (from 1 min to 1 month), choose from line, bar or candle charts, trade order execution, easy object control, wide selection of technical analysis tools, customizable color scheme – you can do all this directly from the chart window. Control your deals and margins; follow your pending orders and positions from the Expanded Trade Watch. Now this is what we call Customizable, Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface. 

Click here to try cTrader innovative trading platform

System Requirement

The cTrader ECN platform requires: .Net4, Windows operating system XP, Vista, or 7.

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