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The name FXPRIMUS simply stands for the company’s mission. Our main aim as a forex broker is to be among the premium Forex brokers on the internet. This goal is stressed by the reorganization of the new site to accommodate the new focus. The new look may not be so appealing to a polished trader but it cannot go unnoticed altogether. Many Forex brokers lay great emphasis on the security part of transactions. Many traders would rather concentrate with the security features rather than be attracted by a nice website. At FXPrimus we ensure that security has given top priority to ensure that their transactions are safe and secure. As a third party in handling client’s money, we ensure that large and small traders get their money to the intended destinations safely. This assurance has ensured that we don’t lose our customers and our customers don’t lose their money when it is placed under our care. I believe that as you continue reading this FXPrimus Review, you will be able to make the right decision to engage us as your preferred Forex broker.

What you need to know about FXPRIMUS.
The FXPRIMUS forex broker was begun in two thousand and nine and has its headquarters in Ebene which is in Mauritius. Its maximum leverage is 1:500. For you to be part of us you need to have a minimum deposit of two hundred and fifty dollars and a minimum lot size of zero point zero one. Our services are dispensed in English but you can access them is up to twenty eight languages if you are using the MT4 platforms. We are regulated under the FSC Mauritius.

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What is our trading platform and how do we do our business.

Our company trades on the meta trader 4 platform. We prefer this platform for the sole reason that it offers a good trading opportunity for both those who are experienced in Forex trading matters as well as those who are new entrants into trading investments. We have done our job well to determine how well the platform can serve our clients through our company. Our findings show that we are on one of the safest trading platforms ever. Our clients can rest assured that everything will go quite well. There is a big difference between MT4 which operates under the Windsor Brokers platform and the services we FXPRIMUS offer. Our platform has many local denominations of currency yet we are able to switch between the different client preferences.

Now if you are too busy that you cannot stay at the office of before a PC or laptop, you don’t have to worry since FXPRIMUS has put in place for its services to be accessed through the mobile device. Those with Apple devices can feel free to download FXPRIMUS on their tap applications. This can be done free of charge from the Apple online stores. Personally as a Forex trading company, we have never tried the mobile services. We therefore cannot attest to their effectiveness or vouch for their effectiveness. This however does not mean that we are in doubt of the effectiveness of the mobile services offered through Apple gadgets. We believe that these gadgets do work and we highly recommend for their use.

What are the features.

As we tried the FXPRIMUS forex broker gadgets, we noted that there are great useful features found in the gadget. These are the two reasons we noted about the working of the system. The first point noted is that the company is able to serve those using the STP platform for their brokerage. The other point noted is that the company offers ECN brokerage. This works based on the trader’s preferences. Now, this will create a lot of interest for those who have not tried this brokerage platform. Our company is advantaged in that it offers a Forex brokerage platform for more than fifty three different nations.
Did you know that our company FXPRIMUS provides for you an opportunity to withdraw money through your local ATM card? This is what surprised me. I was able to withdraw my money using my prepaid Mastercard. I don’t have to go through my bank to access my case. Thanks to this great brokerage platform. Many people will definitely find this platform worth engaging if you consider the amount wasted as fee charges and also the time spend. With a Masters card withdrawal, you save both on time and money.
Our last review updates indicated that FXPRIMUS brokerage was now offering brokerage services on forty five tradable assets. These assets are on both Forex assets and CFDs. Wee also has the two newly added USD/HKD and AUD/CHF currency pairs.

Trading with FXPRIMUS gives you a good chance to familiarize with your trading performance. The trader is presented with three different kinds of spreadsheets. Through these spreadsheets every trader is able to customize their trading prowess based on their style and personal experience. Another point we have noted in our November review, we noted that the system has high security features. This is to ensure that your case is not lost even when the brokerage fees. We have never anticipated a fail in our system but we are always prepared for any eventual. Your client’s money cannot get lost while in our system.

What about customer service or customer care.

If you are careful enough to check on many brokerage companies across the globe, you will be able to note that many Forex brokers who claim to offer customer support wiki is dependable. We FXPRIMUS do not just brag about our commitment to our customer. We live in our words. Wee provide the best customer care service. Tasting of these we took the place of the customer secretly and waited for our email to be replied. We were surprised that it took only five minutes to get feedback from our customer care services. Many Forex companies do not have faster response customer care responders. Your queries may take too long before they are responding to. We are so far the best Forex company in this field.

What more can be said about FXPRIMUS?

FXPRIMUS is the only Forex exchange company that makes easy the work of the client or trader by ensuring that each trader is able to access the services without any complications. The company has made it possible for all new clients to maneuver through the services without facing any challenge. New trader has a new section dedicated to beginners while the Forex experts have their section as well.
Registering with FXPRIMUS is not as hard as many people may have thought. The company has put the best and simplest to understand registration process. This is done to ensure that all interested customers register without any problem. Through the many channels provided clients can register or send money to their intended destinations. Moneybookers is one of the platforms availed for those who wish to use. They also provide a platform for wire transfer for those wishing to benefit from the services. Credit cards can be loaded through these platforms as well. Traders can do their transactions in any of the following currencies; USD, EUR, GBP, and SGD based accounts.

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