Global Option Review

Global Option has made online options trading straight forward and simple for global investors. Customers can begin trading after completing four easy steps, once they have opened a free account with Global Option. Less risky than Forex trading, binary options trading provides a potential 95% return in as little as one hour.

With a considerable amount less risk involved, binary options are quickly becoming a prime choice amongst traders. It should be noted that GlobalOptions will return up to 10% of investment funds when an option expires out of the money, in most instances. Only the amount specified to a specific trade is at risk, versus the full account balance, as with Forex trading.

The unique trading platform found at GlobalOption is rapidly becoming a favorite of the seasoned professional, as well as the novice options trader. The revolutionary system offered is designed to maximize profit potential for all customers.


Some outstanding features of GlobalOption are:

    - No membership fees, free to register.

    - No minimum trading time or withdrawal limits.

    - Useful charts provided.

    - Daily Promotions.

Payment methods:

Credit/Visa, Master card, American Express, Bank wire transfers, Western Union, CashU and MoneyBookers.

Customer service:

Multi language: English, Spanish, French, Turkish

Via:  Live chat, call back, email, direct call.

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