Option Fair Review

optionFair™ is a trademark owned by Mika Holdings Inc, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with globally located offices.
Mika Holdings Inc is owned and managed by a seasoned group of finance professionals who specialize in online trading with financial binary options, commodities, stocks and forex.

Option Fair is a binary trading platform like no other. We offer a variety of financial trading options at the best set prices. Our users can earn up to 85% above their initial investments. Our Touch/No Touch and In/Out Boundary trading is something you will not find anywhere else.

Up to 85% profit

Option Fair Partners provides our affiliates with innovation and reliability for the long haul. We offer our affiliates a variety of payment structures, up to date reporting, full transparency, timely monthly payments, and primarily, a trading platform that gives your end users a wider variety of trading options. This in turn functions as a natural retention tool, which gives traders multiple trading options that lead to a significant growth in volume.

optionFair Platform

The optionFair™ platform has been developed to provide the finest trading interface for binary options offering the widest range of financial instruments and assets.

optionFair™ has developed a series of advanced pricing algorithms providing the technology to power an unparalleled range of financial instruments.
optionFair™ makes binary options trading simple, combining an easy to understand user interface, online help facilities and a  support assurance from our team of dedicated professionals.

optionFair Vision

Binary options trading at optionFair™ is suitable for the experienced investor as well as individuals with even the most rudimentary knowledge of world financial markets.

The optionFair™ platform has been designed to conform to the following core values:

Financial Rewards:Market-leading returns of up to 85% are possible within minutes.

Fairness:“All our options are open.” Choose either or both sides of a single purchase ensuring guaranteed fairness in pricing with no spreads, fees or commissions.

Freedom:Close out trades prior to scheduled expiry to limit risk or secure the profit.

Entertainment in Trading: Easy-to-use intuitive platform that makes trading fun and simple.
Trading binary options at optionFair™ is safe and secure. Liabilities and exposures are carefully managed with guaranteed payout of profits according to our terms and conditions.

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