There is a reason why OptionBit is the number one binary option trading site around: It provides its clients with an unbeatable experience.

OptionBit offers a platform accessible in a variety of languages, three unique ways to trade, some impressive features exclusive to itself and a hot package of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.

OptionBit’s customer support team is always standing by and they even offer up to 91% returns. This is clearly the trading experience to be a part of.


Where many online money-making sites are playing fast and loose, OptionBit retains its number one spot by providing its clients with a safe, quick and enjoyable way to earn some fast returns through trading on various options including a wide variety  of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. They keep clients happy by offering 3 unique options to trade, namely ‘Digital’, ‘Touch’ and ‘Range’.

They offer an impressive environment and can deliver up to 91% returns on certain trades. OptionBit also offers trading in smaller amounts with varying expiry times from 15 minutes to ‘end of the month’, plus exciting and unique features allowing a ‘lock-in’ of profits and extensions of trading times. What’s more is that this site can be used by both beginners and experienced traders. It caters to a wide variety of individuals. All trades are executed in a secure and safe environment.


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A Wide Variety of Tradable Assets

With OptionBit you are able to trade on a host of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.

Non-Stop Multilingual Support

OptionBit pride themselves in offering unrivalled customer support in a variety of languages. The help on offer is nothing short of excellent. They are on hand immediately and even offer expert tips to encourage successful trades in English, French, German, Spanish, German and Italian. The platform itself is usable in English/ German/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Turkish/ Japanese/ Chinese/ Arabic/ Polish User Friendly: OptionBit is an extremely user-friendly website. Everything is laid out nicely in a slick and well-constructed online environment. We were able to navigate the website with the greatest of ease and all features were very responsive. They have all help tools embedded on their site, so if the material you need isn’t available, it is comforting to know that they are a phone-call away.

Assets and Expiry Times

OptionBit has three unique and significant binary options to trade: ‘Digital’, allowing traders to determine whether an asset will move above or below a predetermined point, ‘Touch’, allowing traders to determine whether an asset will touch a set price before its expiration, and ‘Range’, where traders can predict if an asset will expire within a predetermined range. They also offer varying trading times from ’15 minutes’ to ‘end of the month’ and features such as ‘Close Now’ and ‘Extend’ which allow a ‘lock in’ or an extension of profits.

Customer Service, Commissions and Return Rates

There are no charges or fees attached to any trade whatsoever with OptionBit.The customer support is incredible, their team is ready to pounce on any question you might have. Returns are also pretty hot and range up to and including an impressive 91%.

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