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AUD/USD: general analysis

Current trend

Tonight a number of macroeconomic data from Japan and China, major trading partners of Australia, was released, as well as data on the trade balance, exports and imports of Australia. Statistics proved to be worse than expected, but this has not led to significant changes in the movement of the pair, which is being corrected now upward after the recent fall. Correction is due to decrease of the US dollar amid supersaturated expectations on… Continue

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AUD/USD: general analysis

Current trend

All this week the driver for pair’s motion was US dollar. Today is the first Friday of the month, which means that at the beginning of the American session Non-Farm Payrolls will be released. Statistics promise to be positive, which will put pressure on the pair AUD/USD.

From the technical point of view, the pair broke out of long-term downtrend channel last week. Let us consider two basic scenarios. The first is a continuation of the… Continue

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Brent: the OPEC agreement pushes the prices up

Current trend

On Wednesday the oil prices have rapidly grown up by 7%. In particular, the Brent price has risen above the level of 52 dollars per barrel. This significant increase is a result of the agreement on the oil production limitation for 1.2 billion barrel per day set by the OPEC. The disagreements of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, that were the main obstacles to the agreement, were overcome. As a result Iraq should cut the production by 310K barrel per… Continue

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AUD/USD: general analysis

Current trend

There are a lot of fundamental factors that will affect the dynamics of the Australian dollar this week. First of all, important data on inflation and unemployment will be published in USA on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, especially Friday. Don’t forget about important releases scheduled on the night from Wednesday to Thursday: leading economic indicators from China, which is known to be one of Australia's major trading partners.

On… Continue

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USD/JPY: general analysis

Current trend

After yesterday fall the pair is growing, despite of the favorable to Japan statistics being published. The unemployment rate index didn’t change (3%), overall household spending decreased by 0.4% against the predicted -0.6%, YoY retail trade fell by 0.1%, which has exceed the prediction of -1.2%.

The market is waiting for the USA third quarter GDP data to be published. The indicator is predicted to grow by 0.1%, which reflects positive…


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XAG/USD: general analysis

Current trend

During today’s trading session the pair reached the 5-month minimum (16.15) and was corrected up to 16.50. The volatility of silver is low due to the absence of investors in the market because of the holidays in the USA.

US dollar continues to pressure silver. The traders are waiting for the interest rate increase in December. Yesterday the Open Market Committee’s record showed that the Committee majority is sure that the US… Continue

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Today's JPY Weakness and Live Trading Signals

Today in forex trading the JPY was weak across all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price moves and entry signals for forex traders to trade the JPY pairs. Images of the live trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. For a comprehensive…


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USD/CAD: general review

Current trend

On Tuesday the USD/CAD pair was strengthening amid favorable macroeconomic data from the US. In particular, existing home sales grew 2% in October that was substantially better than economists had expected. In Canada, retail sales, excluding automobiles, were flat in September against expectations for a 0.5% increase suggesting a decline in consumer confidence.

Today attention needs to be paid to data on durable goods orders and… Continue

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FDAX: general analysis

Current trend

Germany’s DAX is trading slightly up. The European stock markets came under pressure after Mario Draghi, ECB President, said that inflation remained far from the target level and eurozone’s economy was teetering on the edge of deflation. The regulator continues keeping an eye on the situation and can provide additional stimulus if the need arises. It should also be noted that news about Volkswagen’s plans to cut 30,000 jobs has had a negative… Continue

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New Oil Symbol offered by GBE brokers Ltd.

Hi all,


we start offering a new symbol called WTI_OIL (West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash). We already have this symbol known as USOIL but there are small differences. Biggest one is that WTI_OIL shows the cash price while USOIL is based on Future pricing, because of that reason WTI_OIL is not affected when it comes to a roll over. This is the first advantage. Second one is that the P&L calculation is easier to understand. If you trade 1 Lot WTI_OIL you trade 1 barrel…


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NZD/USD: general analysis

Current trend

Since the opening of the trading session New Zealand dollar has been slightly growing against

US currency. Current rate is around 0.7098 level. The nearest support level is 0.7071 and

resistance is at 0.7145 level.

Many traders assume that this is a slight correction, and the downward trend will keep going.

The high possibility of the interest rate hike can be announced on the FRS meeting on… Continue

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Forex Options and Vanilla Options

Forex and vanilla options are the great embodiment of money making trading where the traders are being achieved lot of currency within very short time frame. Foreign currency/FX/currency option is a derivative financial instrument that acts as a contract giving the option buyer the right but not the compulsion to buy or sell a fixed amount of foreign exchange at a fixed amount price per component for a specified moment. This market is the deepest, biggest and most liquid market for options…


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XAG/USD: technical analysis


On the daily chart the pair is trading near the lower boundary of the indicator "Bollinger

Bands", a correction of downward movement is expected. MACD histogram is close to zero line,

its volume is gradually increasing, the signal line moves horizontally, crossing the body of

histogram – the indicator gives a weak sell signal. Stochastic is in the oversold zone on the

border with neutral zone, the… Continue

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NZD/USD: general analysis

Current trend

The NZ Dollar continues trading down against its US counterpart. The currency is being

pressured by several factors. Firstly it should be mentioned that the price of oil has fallen to the

level of $44-45 per barrel. Moreover, an earthquake hit New Zealand and has caused damage

estimated at about $1.4 billion. It is quite obvious that reconstruction work will put much

pressure on the country’s economy,… Continue

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How Donald Trump Winning Will Affect the Stock Market

If you ask a group of people who voted for Trump what their main reason for choosing the billionaire businessman as their next president is – a significant number would say their reasons were financial. People who have money invested in businesses, the stock market, property and other assets are interested in protecting their investments and they believe that Donald Trump is the best person to do that. But what does Trump winning actually mean to the stock market and what can you…


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XAU/USD: technical analysis


On the daily chart, the instrument is trading below the lower line of Bollinger Bands. The price remains below its moving averages that start turning down. The RSI entered the oversold zone. The Composite is approaching its October support. Both indicators are forming a divergence with the price suggesting a growth possibility.


On the 4-hour chart, the instrument is trading on the lower line of… Continue

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XAU/USD: technical analysis


On the 4-hour chart, the instrument is trading within the lower part of Bollinger Bands. The indicator is directed down while the price range is widening that portends a continuation of the current trend. MACD histogram remains in the negative zone, its volumes continue growing. Stochastic is about to enter the oversold zone.


On the daily chart, the instrument is trading in the lower part of… Continue

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