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Prepare to Trade with Study

Effective traders are always working to improve their knowledge and abilities. Although you will not use all you know on each trade, increased knowledge will build your trading skills and ability to trade your own beliefs about the market. You will know you are using the material you have learned when you:

* Seek to rellow a trading plan when preparing to trade.

* Strive to consistently study, visualize, internalize, and apply the knowledge you will gain about the market.

*… Continue

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Friday January 30, Euro/Dollar Trade Setup.

I get excited when I have days like this. :) I previously forecasted on my blog that I would go short on the Euro. The pair was trading in a channel that was broken to the downside. In addition I predicted that the news would drive the Euro down against the Dollar. I was right in both counts and I had a profitable day.


Short 1 lot before news release at 7:30 am before the news release at 1.3125 no limit with a 100 pip stop with a trailing stop of 85 pips. The lot is… Continue

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My Broker – AVAFX

I am trading with avafx since eight months. The very first thing that comes into my mind when introduced to AVAFX is how easy and friendly their interface is. They have all the features just a click away. Registration process is easy and hassle free for both demo as well as real account. They allow 21 days for practice with $100000 artificial money with dozens of currency pairs and metals. They have a complete set of indicators that can be applied to live… Continue

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US Fed's cautious optimism about the future helps Euro and Pound

The US Dollar fell against the Euro and Sterling yesterday as Forex traders and investors gained confidence which translated into an increased risk appetite as the US government moved to shore up the economy. Yesterday, the US Federal Reserve left interest rates at 0-.25% announcing that they will use all tools at their disposal to continue fighting the economic downturn. The Fed declared yesterday that the economy has indeed worsened since their last meeting in December, however that… Continue

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Does “forecasting” really always mean getting it right every time?

I mean, isn’t it possible to take profitable trades when the forecast is wrong?

There does seem a predominance of linear thinking by many in the market. There’s always a hint of the ego, the self belief that if you don’t all it right then you’re a failure. After all, trading is a stressful pastime and the testosterone levels tend to spill over into “attitudes.”

Everyone wants to impress by saying they forecast the Dollar was going to do rise, fall or whatever. When I was… Continue

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Should I “Buy And Hold” A Trade Or Not

To buy and hold a mutual fund, stocks, or bonds is a common practice. To buy and hold a currency is not as common even though it can be done. When a trader or investor buys and hold, they are usually looking for more than one type of income. Not only the appreciation of the investment instrument but dividends, swap, or interest are also motives for investing.

In the currency market swap may be paid on a daily basis. Swap is interest the banks pays or charges depending on whether you… Continue

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Forex Strategy

It can be hard to find a forex strategy that works for you and is easy to get into. A strategy though is key when you attack the market. Without a strategy you will be more prone to trade emotionally and with out a plan. Both lead to big losses. I thought I would embed a video in this post of a strategy I devised that works really well for me.

This is just the trailer version because it got to the point where so many people wanted it that I started marketing the advanced version of… Continue

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Forex Traders Reading List

If you want to be the very best trader you can be, you must always be educating yourself, always learning and always improving your skills. That is why I recommend that any active trader should be reading to keep that edge and to learn the discipline and mental toughness that is required to become a successful forex trader.

Take the time to invest not only in your trading but also in yourself. As you grow you become a more well rounded person. As you educate yourself you improve your… Continue

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Forex Broker Trading Updates

According to the Daily FX news, the Dollar rose again against the Euro, which hit a new month low of 1.31 USD, even after the release of a poor US retail sales report which saw sales fall 2.7% in December. Fears over a broadening global recession were realized when Standard and Poor’s downgraded Greece’s credit rating to A- / A-2, something they had warned about doing last week. Forex traders continued their move towards the US Dollar as it is still believed… Continue

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Market Overview: Ugly US ADP Employment Change made stocks retrace

Yesterdays bad US ADP Employment Change made stocks in the US drop significantly and this will spill over into the European session today as equity markets are pricing in bad Non-farm Payroll Friday.

Market Updates

* Yesterday’s ADP Employment Change of -693K finally had equities reacting on negative news. Today’s Jobless Claims might confirm the job losses.

* S&P500 dropped 3% and could test trendline support at 891 today.

* Obama says that the coming… Continue

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My Forex trading Recommendations

Here are my forex trading tips for today. I took the help from these sources to come to these conclusion.:

Market Analysis at: http://www.finexo.com/marketReview

Calculate Pivot tables at: http://www.finexo.com/pivotCalculator

View Detailed Economic Calendar at: http://www.finexo.com/calendar…


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Building Your Wealth Through FOREX Strategies

Building Your Wealth Through FOREX Strategies

Forex, or FX, is the common name given to foreign currency exchange trading and it can be an excellent way to build wealth as long as you’re willing to invest the time and patience required to learn a little about how it works.

The forex market is reputedly up to 30 times larger than the US Equities market and is a truly global marketplace. One of the key benefits with forex trading is the ability to run a profitable… Continue

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Technique – Bollinger Bands

Many times already you must have read there are many techniques which are used to predict the forex market behavior. One of the techniques used is Bollinger bands. These Bollinger bands are also called a technical trading tool and they are normally used in capital market including forex where it was created in early 1980s by John Bollinger. These bands was formulated and based on the need for adaptive trading bands and we identified that the market is rather dynamic not static that we widely… Continue

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