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Limitations in the demo trading accounts

Most brokers in Forex offer the advantage of using the demo accounts to the traders. When many people think they do not need the demo accounts, it can really change your career for good when you are using demo accounts. A lot of people are using demo accounts along with their live accounts and they aerially doing great in their career. When people are using only live accounts to make the trades and make a profit, demo accounts can be a great help to know if your strategy that you are…


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What are latest CFDs or Contracts for Difference?

The CFD (Contracts for Difference) is a “Financial Contract for Difference”, where two contractual parties exchange cash payments (differences), depending on the price/rate of the subject of the contract between the moment of conclusion and the termination of the contract. CFDs are products that basically have any financial instrument whose value is variable.

They offer a broad range of CFD CFDs, US Treasury bonds, currency pairs, commodities and stock indices, such…


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How to do the perfect technical analysis

People who are trading in Forex think that they can trade the market better with technical analysis. It is a myth that traders have been believing for years. If you are investing your money in Forex and you want to make the profit, you should not use only technical analysis. Many people believe that if they are using technical analysis, they are more advanced than the other traders. If you are using only this analysis and not using the fundamental and sentimental analysis, you may be missing…


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Making money by trading gold and oil

When people are interested in Forex to make money, there are an adventurous group of traders who like to trade the market with oil and gold. We are saying oil and gold because we know that if you trade with this oil and gold, you are going to lose your money in Forex. Though trading with the commodity is highly profitable, it is also very risky. When people start trading in Forex, they do not know much about commodity trading. Oil and gold are commodities and when you are investing your…


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How to get started in Forex trading?

If you are trading for the very first time, you will face some difficulties like how to trade, how to read the quote and how to place your trade with lot size. All of these have been faced by all of the traders of Forex and you will also face it. When we were trading in Forex, it was a long time ago and there were no good guardians who would direct us in Forex. We would try here and lose our money, we went to other market and also lost our money. All of these went on and we had a hard time…


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Le opzioni di Altcoin più favorevoli per il trading con criptovalute

Gli Altcoin o le monete alternative si riferiscono al gruppo di criptovalute diverse dai bitcoin. Anche se il bitcoin fu la prima criptovaluta inventata così come la più diffusa al mondo, altre varianti di queste valute virtuali come gli ether, litecoin, Ripple, ecc. stanno gradualmente lasciando il segno nel mondo del trading.


Il solo scopo dietro lo sviluppo di queste monete alternative è quello di apportare ulteriori miglioramenti da un punto di vista tecnologico in modo…


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How to effectively manage your trading profit

We have all know that it is important for the traders to manage their money. There are many money management plans in Forex market. But do you know that your profit management is also important? It is the money that you are here for in Forex. If you do not know how to control your profit and stopping it from your account to go to market, you will not be rich in Forex.


This article is interesting as it does not bore you with the common things of Forex. Your mind will be open…


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Experience is the best asset for a Forex trader

Traders in Forex like to trade the market and for them, the experience is really a blessing. But it is an asset for all traders that it is easier said than done and not all traders can gain the experience in Forex when they are new. Experience does not come with time but also with your dedication in the market and how you are trying to trade in Forex. In this article, we are going to tell you that profit is not your main concern. You should focus on enriching your knowledge also by gaining…


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Today in forex trading the JPY was weak on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price movement forex traders on this group of pairs. Images of the live trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. For a comprehensive analysis of the CAD/JPY, GBP/JPY and the other JPY pairs go to the website. These live currency strength trading signals and trend based trading plans for 28 pairs…


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Always aim for ration profit in Forex trading

Are you a Forex dreamer? Do you dream to make an empire out of your profit from this Forex industry? If you are dreaming like that there is no doubt that you have got a big heart. Many traders are afraid of trading in Forex as they fear they will lose their money and they can never make it. Professional traders are also losing money when they are trading. Every trader has their days in Forex and this is how the expert Swiss traders are making money. If you think that you should keep your eye…


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Cripto-Valute: Un Avanzamento Rivoluzionario per l’Industria del Trading

Oggi, le cripto-valute sono diventate l’ultima moda. Sono globalmente riconosciute per i loro vantaggi. Anche se molte persone esitano nel fare trading con le cripto-valute, istituzioni come banche, governi e grandi industrie stanno abbracciando il fenomeno. Conseguentemente, quasi tutte le maggiori organizzazioni stanno lavorando con le cripto-valute e i progetti blockchain.

La cripto-valuta ha preso il proprio particolare nome dal suo processo di preservazione del consenso. Le…


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Impact of change in oil price in forex market

Forex market is the largest market in the world. There are many traders from all over the world and it has a global impact on the global economy. Most of the time, we have heard how oil prices affect the price level of the currency pairs in Forex. It affects the currency pairs because all the pairs are interrelated and when the price of a currency pair falls, another currency pair is also affected by the market. There are many countries which are the major oil producers in the world who are…


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A brief overview of the forex bots and manual trading system

Forex bots are programmed and designed to give the traders signals before they are happening in the market. These are some kind of predicting software which analyzes the market based on the existing signals and forecasts the traders what is expected to happen in the future. Though there is a debate about the efficiency of the Forex bots in this trading industry, many traders are very happy to get a virtual assistant and know what may happen to the market before they are placing trades.…


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A brief overview of the most popular Forex patterns

Though traders in the market use many types of pattern, there are some common patterns which are very popular and are widely used by traders all around the world. We are going to discuss some of the popular patterns in the world of forex in our article. You do not need to follow these patterns in your trading style if you are using any other type of patterns. These patterns are only popular because traders find it easy to read the market using these patterns. If any other patterns work for…


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How to choose the best currency pair in trading?

Currency pair plays an important role in forex profit making. Currency pair refers to the currencies that you are buying and selling with. There are two types of currency pairs in forex and they are called the major currency pairs and the minor currency pairs. All of these currency pairs are used in Forex by the traders. Though there are minor currency pairs, it is always the major currency pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USD/CHF which are in popular use always.

When selecting…


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Today in forex trading the JPY was weak on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price moves and entry signals for forex traders to trade the JPY pairs. Images of the live trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. For a comprehensive analysis of the EUR/JPY and the other JPY pairs go to the website. These live currency strength trading signals and trend based trading plans for…


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Consider trading as your business

When you are a Forex trader, do not think this trading some sort of entertainment. When the interested people look at the graphs of Forex market, they are greatly entertained. They took it as an easy money. The graphs are changing every time. The signals are moving up and down. If they place a trade, they can make easy money in the market. Also, Forex allows the interested groups to become traders with a little money. You do not have to go to an office, you do not have to dress up like an…


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Importance of demo account in forex market

You may neglect the small things but small things are essential to create bigger things. Likewise, you might consider demo accounts as something smaller but it is not small, you need to consider it as a huge thing. The Australian traders consider it huge so that is why they had the successful way to the forex market. If you ask the Australian traders they would accept that demo trading account Australia has paved them the right path to trade. For the beginners, it’s essential to learn the…


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Effective ways to trade the forex market

Forex market is the real adventure one could feel when you enter Forex market you start to sense the vibe. There are many opportunities in the Forex market so the traders are able to grab the opportunities easily and to trade by using the indicators such as RSI, MACS, and moving average. If you are capable of executing trades in your own way then you’ve understood the market structure perfectly. But there is one problem associated with some of the traders i.e. they assume that trading using…


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Platinum and Palladium: The Forgotten Precious Metals

There is no denying that gold and silver are the most popular among precious metals that are traded. This is mainly due to the various industrial and retail benefits they both offer. However, the advancement of technology has prompted the use of two other metals on a much wider scale. They are platinum and palladium. Most traders don’t realize the various advantageous trading which these two precious metals can offer. (Information courtesy:…


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