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Becoming a Profitable Career Forex Trader

Becoming a Profitable Career Forex Trader

The two most important commodities the masses strive to get more of are Time and Money. The world is shrinking, due to advances in telecommunications, onslaught of media bombardment and our fast paced lifestyle (consumerism). It seems that each of us are embroiled in a race to see who can come up with the greatest quantity of cheese and still have time to eat it before they fizzle and die. Most of us are wildly out of balance, due… Continue

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Testimonial TEAM FXP:

TEAM FXP Testimonial

I am delighted by Tim's return, and more importantly, the fact that his sessions are now taking place during more active trading hours.

Not only has Tim helped me dramatically improve the technical aspects of my trading, he has been invaluable in helping me get my head straight. As you know, the wrong psychology can quickly undermine even the best technical skills. During his absence, I continued to bounce between the extremes of fear and recklessness… Continue

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A Traders Story: Mind Melting

A Traders Story: Mind Melting

I have opportunities from time to time to talk about trading with the traders who frequent our ITRs. A few days ago one of the traders from the East Coast and I were conversing about how messed up traders minds can get when trading long hours in the shorter term strategies.

The conversation was quite pleasant as we conjured up memories of us spending money on the newest ‘silver bullet' in the Forex educational marketplace that gave us the… Continue

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Advanced Trading Room Results


There are very few educational companies that spend the time to actually test and make sure their students are ‘doing' the work. FX Course was the first company (we know of) to actually test traders' knowledge throughout their trading journey.

Our goal is to be able to move traders who truly want to commit themselves to learning through Foundations in FX and the Intermediate course to our Advanced longer term trading course within 90-120 days.… Continue

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Over the last 15 days I am sure you have noticed a significant difference in the look and feel, navigation and content of We hired industry experts to analyze the site for ease of use, as well as, content (course explanations) and were given a really massive task, to change.

The old site was certainly a great looking site! However, challenges with; navigation, optimization and lack of specific content relating to… Continue

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Forex Blogging (Learning the Skill)

Forex Blogging

Understand that trading is a skill that takes time and energy to master just like any other skill you will do in order to change your financial future. It is amazing how fast technology and information are advancing or escaping us dependant upon your viewpoint, whether positive or negative on the shrinking global village.

Recently I have taken the time and energy to write some blogposts on my experience as well as the experience of… Continue

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Free Advertise ,Forex investment ,Free Forex Practice account too .

Free Advertise ,Forex investment ,Free Forex Practice account too .

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My best and worst Forex day...was on the same day.

This week will be the two year anniversary for my best and worst Forex day. It was late November 2005, I was about to move to a new apartment on December 1st and boy did I have expenses! Just like many Forex traders today I had a job that basically barely covered my living expenses, so with the move, my financial situation was a little tight. My wife and I were expecting our second daughter and raising our first who was turning one in December. But I had an outlet...Forex! I was convinced…


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