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Poker player’s mindset will be a lesson for you

Did you know that the Forex traders can gain the lesson from a poker player? We will tell you the mindset of a poker player and then by using it,you will be able to trade successfully. There are similarities between poker player and the Forex market trading. As the Poker players, they will know that if they manage the risks and play the odds they will be able to manage the game and it will not fall under the category of gambling. The poker players will go to the extreme of playing if they…


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New Broker Raceoption Launches Focused On US and English-Speaking Markets

In about May 2016 we saw an interesting thing occur in the binary options broker industry. As many of you probably know, the current , conflicting with other global regulators, has created a situation where binary options brokers are being put in a nearly impossible situation. As things currently stand a broker has two distinct (and mutually exclusive) choices: they can either…


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Today's GBP Strength and Live Trading Signals

Today in forex trading the GBP was strong on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price moves and entry signals for forex traders to trade the GBP pairs. Images of the live trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. For a comprehensive analysis of the GBP/USD, GBP/AUD and the other GBP pairs go to the website. These live currency strength trading signals and trend based…


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EUR/USD: general analysis

Current trend

The last week was positive for the EUR/USD pair due to the “dovish” FRS mood of the interest rate rise and the positive for the EUR Netherlands Elections result. The growth o the pair slowed in the end of the week due to the traders’ fixing the profit, which presses the price to the level of 1.0700. The pair managed to close above this level, which entrusted the “bulls”. In the beginning of the week the pair is growing and tested the level of… Continue

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Be successful - GBE brokers

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USD/CAD: general analysis

Current trend

Yesterday during the trading session the pair continued to grow and reached the maximum of 2017 year, despite the slight weakening of the USD against some of the main currencies such as GBP and EUR due to the weak USA employment market data publication. The Initial Jobless Claims value was higher than expected: 243K against 235K. Yesterday the oil prices were stable, so the CAD price was stable too.

There are a lot of key releases… Continue

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Top 5 Rules of Thumb to Become a Successful CFD Trader

CFD trading includes a few golden rules, and to become an expert in CFD trading one needs to know these rules. It has often been seen that traders without knowing the rule of CFD, enter the market and start trading. As a result, they fail to achieve success. So it is said that you should know the market better before entering the market.

If you are a novice trader, and want to trade in CFD, then you should know as well as maintain the golden rules of this trading. Some of the…


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GBE Prime

This is to announce that WE ARE ONLINE !! :)

Our institutional page for broker liquidity was just launched and with this we start into a new era.

GBE brokers has become a great partner and liquidity provider to more than 20 Brokers within the last year. That's why we started our second sector. seperately

check out…


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