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The Non Farm Payrolls 5 Tips to Trade them

Hi another week is coming and it will be a busy week ending with the king of forex the release of the Non Farm Payrolls, I hope you like this 5 tips I am posting. If you have another one please let me know it will be great if we can help each other out.

Let´s start:

  1. If you are new, stay away: Trading during this volatile period is very risky.
  2. Strange moves begin in the markets well before the release at 13:30 GMT. This…

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The Six Best Forex Blogs

Casey Stubbs-- Winners Edge Trading

I wrote a review of the best Forex Blogs, a little over a year ago and a lot has changed in that

time. So I thought I would Redo that article and update the article. I

have changed and some blogs have changed. Last time, I just did a list

this time the list is shorter and I am more strict because this is… Continue

Added by Casey Stubbs on May 30, 2010 at 3:37am — 1 Comment

Forex Trading Strategies-Benefits-

Hi I had been askin a lot about what is Forex Trading Strategies offering that can help the trader in Forex or commodities, stocks, etc. Well I am here to explain a litte bit more about it. Now you can buy it through click bank if you want to use credit card is a great choice because is really a great company and trustful.

Get a Forex Book That is Capable of…


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Forex Trading Updates for Usd/Chf and Aud/Usd

My last two forex trading posts were a technical analysis on the Usd/Chf

and Aud/Usd.

I mentioned on both pairs that the daily charts were showing a

possibility to change directions based on the candlestick patterns at

the time.…


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Brief analysis of the euro by fx-megaforex

Hi, today at pips 911 you have the daily graohic of the aud/usd you can go to

Also please believe me when I am telling you that if you don´t have a trading plan, or strategy you will fail in forex. Forex is a serious investment so please make sure you educated yourself properly. If…

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Technical Analysis of the USD/JPY & Forex Signals Results from May 17-21

Hi I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to share with you the forex results from last week forex signals. Please remember this results are from the basic package. The professional package is a little bit different they are graphical and technical analysis, and showing you what the indicators and economic news are telling. I am sending you the technical analysis from today for the usd/jpy, so you know what I mean. Hope it will be useful.

I almost forget now you can get…


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The Secrets of Millionaires

Hi and have a great week. Today I want to share an article I found about the secret of millionaires, for me is great to read this kind of things because I know that learning and educating myself is the only way I will reach my goals. So I hope you like it and begin your financial freedom journey. As always please visit the web site at for more information about investing…


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Small time Forex Scammer Matthew Cencullo - Now Hired!

Small time wall street Forex con artist Matthew Censullo has landed a brand new Head of Sales job. This time at White Knight FX. I wonder if they know who they have taken on??…


Added by ForexMaster on May 24, 2010 at 10:40pm — 1 Comment

Volatility Freindly

Hi members,

Most of the GBP pair are very volatile but you can make freind from it!!!

GBP/JPY is one of the most volatile pair and ranging 200-300 pips daily. This give some good opportunity to trade but must have the ability to read the market.

This can further discuss in our website - Your Community For Forex Success.

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Eur/Usd:Forex Strategy

here is your forex strategy for the upcoming week. I hope that you

are all having a great weekend. This is the weekly summary to help you

get an idea of what is going on so that you will be ready to go next

weekend. The end of this week saw the Euro pain start to ease a bit. The

question is will it continue or is this just a small bounce that will

lead to more Euro selling.

If you look at the 4 hour chart you can see that we have bounced off of the bottom and…


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my second post

in the next hour I will upload very nice report about the usd/euro

Added by David Milman on May 21, 2010 at 10:01am — No Comments

my first post

Hi Guys,

My name is David and I would like to write on daily basis on intresting forex related news



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Manage Risk

Hi I hope this day is full of energy and light and all your dreams are coming true. If you need analysis and learn about the latest economic news please visit Pips911, Today I want to share with you some insights about how to manage risk I hope it will help you. You can have more information and strategies in manage risk and money in Forex Trading Strategies get it at…


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Simple Balance System-Forex Trading Strategies-

Hi I will like to share one of the strategies you can find in the ebook Forex Trading Strategies there are more than 25 strategies, which you can chose from to become the forex trader you want.

The best…


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Daily Graphic GBP/USD by Fx-megaforex

Hi and good day. As always you can subscribe to receive daily the analysis of the 8 major currencies for only $49.50/monthly just go to and start today. Also tomorrow the free webinar about Forex Trading Strategies at 12:15pm (GMT-6) we will give away a free cop of the ebook to one of our assitants, is tomorrow at 12:15 pm (GMT-6) at… Continue

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Forex Weekly Previews May 17-21

*TIC Long-Term Purchases: Published on Monday at 13:00 GMT. This figure represents the flow of cash to the US, and expresses confidence in the economy. It’s expected to be higher this time – 50.5billion.

*British CPI: Published on Tuesday at 8:30 GMT. Inflation picked up in Britain, and passed the government’s target of 1-3%. A rise towards 4% will stir the expectations for a rate hike, but expectations are talking about 3.5%.

*German ZEW Economic Sentiment: Published on…


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Why is not smart to short the Euro by Georges Ugeux

Now that will see all the news about the Euro, and the Euro falling to the 1.23 level today, I found this article and is very interest. I hope you like it and make you see another perspective about the euro. As always have a great weekend, and visit us at we have great promotions in our Forex Signals, and other products like Forex Trading Strategies, so please don´t waste more time and let us help you make a better…


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Megaforex Signals Good News

Hi today I want to share with you that our Pro Package Megaforex Signals, has increase the daily analysis with 4 currencies, now you will receive information about: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, NZD, AUD AND CAD. BUT, and is a BIG BUT, de price has been reduce 50% now you can get the Pro Package for only $49.50, and you will recieve 7 days for only $10.00, it can not get better than this. Don´t pass in this opportunity because the offer is for a limited time only, so if you want to susbcribe you can…


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Technical Forex Analysis

Hi how are you? As always I invite you to visit my web page at and see which product or service will make you a better trading.

I suggest you read an article about the ebook Forex Trading Strategies at: …

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Why a bigger Forex Broker isn't always a better Forex Broker

With net capital requirements in the U.S. of $20 million, you may wonder how Forex brokers are able to meet and in some cases exceed this minimum by more than $40 million. While it is no surprise that these brokers are very profitable, most have obtained this war chest by accepting money from outside sources such as private equity groups or hedge funds. What does this mean to you as a Forex trader? More than you think. While having a well capitalized firm makes many traders feel that their…

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