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Trillion Shmillion – Europe’s “Common Currency” Is Still Doomed

"...while Europeans no longer fear foreign armies, they are starting to fear foreign bondholders. Europe's existence as a "lifestyle superpower' has depended on an ample supply of credit..."

– Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

"...this is just another example of a short-term, leveraged solution, that merely adds to the burden of future problems..."

– Marc Ostwald, Monument Securities

I know the perfect gift for Angela Merkel (Chancellor of…


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Forex Traders Wanted

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The applicants…


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Common Mistake in Forex

Hi and happy beginning of the week. I found this article and I will like to share it with you, I think is a common mistake that make people lose money and opportunities. As always please visit our web page at and remember you can ask for the extract of the ebook Forex Trading Strategies when you subscribe to our mailing list. Go to…


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USD/JPY under pressure

As you can see on the graphic the usd/jpy had break below the pivot at 94.00 and has break below the 2 supports (93.35 & 93) and now is in the 91.77 level. These is because the jpy as the us dollar are the 2 favorite currencies for investors when the market is uncertain and risky. If the pair goes up and break above the pivot the next resistance is at 94.30 & 94.60, but the pair is under pressure and the RSI is capped by a…


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Market Analysis

It seems these days all the people are talking about is the financial situation of the Euro zone. There is nothing more important than that. First was Greece, yesterday was Spain and today Portugal. It seems the Euro is falling taking the markets to a great volatility and without any clear direction. Many factors are playing an important role in these situation:

*JPY banks closed since sunday until tuesday.

*Greece situation.

*The strong rumors about the Euro zone.



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Top 5 things to look for in a Forex Broker (might not be what you would think)

There are many lists offering advice in choosing the right forex broker. While many will list regulatory authority or net capital position as the most important factors to look for when evaluating brokers, these may not be the best factors to consider when you begin trading. Let's not kid ourselves - brokers are not charitable institutions. They are in business to make money. That said, how a broker generates profits is often overlooked or downplayed during the evaluation process. The…

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The Euro is going down

The Euro is going down because the rescue plan for Greece have left more doubts than solutions, so the investors are not ready to give the Euro another chance. You can see the deadly questions that are killing the euro at .

The pivot is at 1.3130 an as you can see in the graphic it…


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Daily Analysis of the USD/CHF


Pivot: 1.0815

S1: 1.078

S2: 1.0725

R1: 1.0875

R2: 1.09

The usd/chf is expected to rebound, as you can see in the graphic it break above the pivot (1.0815) and its reaching the second resistance at 1.09. At the momento is at 1.086 level, so it seems the rebound will continue. If it breaks below the pivot it has 2 supports at 1.078 and 1.0725.. The pair is trying to break the…


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Eur/Usd going into a new month

Today, I actually feel like someone, not an important someone yet but getting there.

I've just had my 2nd article posted on Winner's Edge Trading. A blog, if you will, added to by clever people who've been trading a lot longer than I have, and which I've been following, finding profit in their advice. Using my own techniques but…


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Adventures Of a Currency Trader. Free E-book!

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May Bank Holiday in the UK

I hope everyone enjoys the 3 day weekend... I know I will. Going out at the moment to revel in the bar staffs pain at not having the time off...

~insert your most evil laff here~

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