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Harold Gartley – Back to the Future of Simple and Profitable Trading

As reported by Market Leader (US)

‘Trade what you see, not what you believe’

Larry Pesavento
Every trader will agree that their goal is to be profitable. Few people come to the forex for purely scientific research or invention of a new…

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 30 June 2011

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

Forecasts confirmed and the pair continued its growth. The price breached 1.4430/40 resistance line, confirming the "bullish" strong potential. At the moment trading is being carried out at 1.4510/00 level. If the attempts to fix the price above 1.4500 line turn out successful, we'll be expecting another ascension with targets seen at 1.4600/20 and 1.4700 levels. Indicators are "bullish" as well, saying in favor of the above mentioned…


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Equity Markets Continue Modest Rises Higher; Christine Lagarde Chosen as IMF Director

UK equity markets are looking to see a higher open, with FTSE futures suggesting a rise of 30 points.  Macro data will come in the form of M4 Money Supply and Mortgage Approvals, with European Nickel and Betfair Group reporting earnings today.  Asian markets were higher for the most part, which is indicative of the market’s perception that the Greek Parliament will vote to enact the austerity plan proposed by the EU.  In Japan, stocks rose, helped mostly by the utility sector, with Tokyo…


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GBPUSD above 1.60's likely


It could be steady above 1.60"s

Long @ 1.60's ( entry when below that level )

Stop @ 40 pips - 60 pips

Limit @ 45 pips - 60 pips.



Short @ asia session

Stop @ 81.17

Limit @ early New York open

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How to benefit most from Forex signal services

Using third party Forex signals is very popular in the Forex market. Since the statistics of retail traders show that most of them are loosing money, many of them believe that getting help or advice from an expert can dramatically improve their trading results.

When we decided to conduct a survey among our customers in order to analyze the way that traders use our trading signals, the interesting finding was that even when provided with exactly the same trading signals, a group of… Continue

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Sniping Method – a Universal System for Trading Stocks, Futures, and Foreign Currencies

As reported by Market Leader (US)

The first part of the article ‘SNIPING – New Trading Technologies.From a Speculator to an Investor’ (Based on a presentation during КievExpo 2011) briefly dealt with special features of trading at an OTC forex market.Even though the sniping system was conceived and tested for the stock market, we decided to…

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 29 June 2011

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

The price breached and held above level 1.4330/40, which was very undesireble for the "bears". The price has recently approached close to 1.4430/40 level, considered as the last chance for the "bears" to win back their trend. At the moment it resides at 1.4380/90. Indicators are changing their readings at the moment, saying now in favor of the up trend. If the price holds above 1.4430/40 level, the first bullish target will be found at…


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Why the Simplicity of Price Patterns Helps a Trader Achieve More by Doing Less

As reported by Market Leader (US)

In 1935 the US published a book for traders that sold at a staggering $1,500 apiece. The number of copies was quite modest – only 1,000. But it all sold at once and record proceeds of $1,5 mln. hit bank accounts of the publishers and the author. At those times, given that the Great Depression in American economy was just over, this looked like quite a huge fortune that could provide for… Continue

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 28 June 2011

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

The EUR/USD currency pair is in a consolidation pattern on the daily charts which looks like a triangle. There appear to have been three legs in the triangle so far with a total of 5 expected (A-E). It is possible we are in a D leg now, with an eventual target at the trendline at 1.4350 initially, and then the monthly pivot at 1.4435. It is possible the triangle has already completed and waves D and E were smaller than average – in…


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EURUSD entry order now!

After hit above 1.43 middle euro session drop back below the level. I have place the strategy on last sunday post.

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EURUSD wait to entry

Today price move above level to entry. I'm waiting to put my trading into the platform. This is remain risky to entry. Stay away for today.

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Forex Metal Weekly Newsletter

In this issue:

1. Weekly market review from Forex-Metal.

2. Weekly technical analysis.

3. New! Keep your account balance in AUD.

4. Free debit cards promotion is on again.

5. Get a 30% trading bonus when you open a new account.

6. Representatives Wanted!

Weekly review for 20 -24.…


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Information about Brokers Types. How will you choose the right one for your needs?

In this first blog I would like to explain the different types of brokers because I fell that it’s very important for a successful trader to understand the differences and to make the right decisions. So let us start…

Currency Brokers Types

Ensure that you choose the right type of forex broker. To do this, you have to know what types of brokers are actually out there. You have to take your time, and research all of…


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The Story of One Evening in the Company of Technical Analysis Pioneers

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Who might have been most directly instrumental in bringing the US Great Depression to an end.

Three analysts and a little over 150 people, but of what kind! Those people managed to make a fortune during…

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USD/JPY Going For The Big Breakout?

As forex traders we sometimes tend to focus on the short term charts to look for trades that will yield us quick profits. However, it is important to take a look at the long term charts as it can give us the chance to catch a big opportunity.  


A current example that I would like to focus on is the USD/JPY pair. 


The US Dollar is currently in a clear consolidation at very low levels against the Japanese Yen. The down trend started about 4 years ago and was…


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EURUSD below 1.4000 next month !

How to entry? Wait above 1.4220 - 1.4250 level, then put oder short @ that level, stop @ 1.43's with limit open. Let the platform works for you. Be careful to entry, wait momentum!

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  • Highest level @ 1.48’s.
  • Potential below 1.4000 level wide open.
    • Greek bailout, Trichet statement, Protestor in Spain influence dark cloud to Euro zone.



  • Price is struggle above 1.60’s level.
    • It will draw red candle dominant on monitor in future.



  • Double legs needed.
  • Range level 79’s – 83’s is…

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Amazing Denmark: what is so interesting about it for investors?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Will the Danish “Vikings” bury the Schengen and the EU? Breaking news about another unexpected threat for the EU came from Denmark. The thing is that Denmark decided to restore the borders with Germany and Sweden. Even though that the Danish authorities say Denmark is not going to abandon the Schengen Agreement (supposedly the border control will be…

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 24 June 2011

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

The EUR/USD has fallen heavily but yesterday evening it reached support and bounced. The bounce has taken it to 1.4300 and it will probably go even higher. The 0.0005x3 point and figure chart is showing two bullish upside targets: one at 1.4320 and the other at 1.4405. There is also the possibility that the support and resistance line at 1.4275 could halt the rally. However, the principle trend is still down and eventually the main…


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GBPUSD removed now!

Remain uncertain, very high volatility, and bias. Please removed from platform now!

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