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Can Algorithmic Or Automated Trading Beat Human Trading?

Hi guys, automated trading or algorithmic trading is a gift of modern science. algorithmic trading or automated trading which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can undoubtedly be very helpful in finding market signals.

Because of it traders are now becoming more profitable in less time. But the question is can…


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Importance of having a balanced trading strategy

When you will be talking about the trading methods, the long term trading system will be visible. This kind of trading mindset will help the traders to go a long way into the career. However, not all traders can handle things they experience in the long term trading process. To make some quality trades, the traders will have to learn to get adapted with it. We are going to help some of the novice traders with proper management of the trading business with a long timeframe. There will be some…


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 The live forex trading signals from The Forex Heatmap ® and today’s price chart movement are shown in the attached images. These live trading signals for 28 pairs are available on this webpage:


Follow the trends of the forex market at…


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FOREX TRADING- Dollar extreme lower as U.S.-China trade optimism take up Australia

The increased risk appetite contributed to the rise of the Australian dollar after US government officials said trade talks between China and the United States would continue Wednesday for an unannounced third day.

The Australian dollar rose 0.2% to $ 0.7152, after peaking at $ 0.7172 in three weeks early in optimism talks over the Sino-US talks.

The Australian…


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Trading is learned through real money

There are many traders in the world who think they can practice in their demo accounts and become a master of the trade. They are wrong because you need to know how to manage the pressure when you are trading with real money. There are many misconceptions among traders and one of them is learning to trade with paper money. This is the money that you find in your demo account. This article will tell you…


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You are not in the trading business to lose money

Nobody likes to lose in their life. This kind of competitive mentality starts from childhood. The boy who is the first or good in everything always fears coming second in something. The boy who spends his time mostly at home wants to test the top positions too. Not everybody gets what they desire. But a person will never like to lose. When we are in a workplace, this kind of mentality can be mostly seen due to losses or poor performance. In the case of a day job, only the yelling from your…


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Develop the mentality of a professional trader

When you will join a profession, it will never respond to an uninterested behavior of your business. Because you will not be able to perform well enough. The working procedures of your work will not be good. To be honest, planning and strategies will not be good either. Even when you will have to act clever and ditch the problems created by collogues you will not be able to do that. Thus the…


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Forex Trading Guide For Baby Trader- TopAsiaFX

Online Forex and CFD trading for learners can be particularly intense. This is for the most part because of unlikely desires that are regular among Forex newcomers. What you have to know is that Forex trading is in no way, shape or form a get-rich-brisk plan. This article is our definitive manual for Forex trading for amateurs. On this page, you will get a prologue to the Forex…


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Why Forex trading is the most diversified business

In a conventional business, the working process remains very simple. Take an authorized dealer work for example. You have to invest some money into your business. Then you have to create a market for your product. The products have to be shown to your clients for approval. Then with some proper marketing, you can start your business in the proper way. There are some other businesses which do not work like that. You have to give your mental effort more than being physical. We are talking…


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Bringing happiness to your face with trading performance

If no work can make you happy with it, there will be no concentration in it, you will not be able to deliver good performance and no good results will be coming to your ways. No matter how small the profession is, it should be a part of your existence. To be more specific, you should be making it a habit. And for that, the working environment should also be suitable for people. But some professions do not provide you with that kind of environment, especially the business profession. And we…


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How to choose a perfect broker? - TopAsiaFx helps you compare and choose your preferred Forex Broker. We suggest keeping the following checklist in mind when making your decision:

The as a matter of first importance trademark that a decent specialist must have is an abnormal state of security. Regardless of what sort of currency dealer you are, similar to it or not, you will dependably be liable to exchange costs. Great FX…


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Forex Trading Signals Accurate, Intelligent, Simple

Live trading signals for 28 pairs and both major forex trading sessions can lead to the pips. Accurate, real time signals that require no programming and give forex traders the edge they are looking for. Read more about it here:…


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Forex Trading Styles – Scalping, Intraday, Swing, Position

This article will review all available trading styles to forex traders, and when to adopt each style to your trading. If the market is trending on the larger time frames, traders can ride the trends. In a choppier market traders should adopt a short term, trading style. Learn all about forex trading styles here:…


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Some basic tips for the new investors in Forex market

Everyone knows trading is one of the most profitable business in the world. Though the market offers a high level of profit potential to the retail traders it doesn’t mean everyone is making money. In reality, 95% of the traders are losing money due to lack of trading knowledge. As a new investor, it’s very obvious you will become very excited after winning a few trades and this excitement will force you to overtrade the market. At times you will use max leverage to secure big profit from…


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This article will discuss money management topics and procedures for forex traders. It includes the placement of stop orders and profit management. After every forex trade you can set a stop order, then move your stop to break even, as well as scale out lots. Read the article below for all of our money management methods:



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Promising rules to get the best out of the CFD market

We all do agree that trading isn’t easy. Easy things don’t last long, so bear in mind if trading is hard, there is a huge reward for you. The traders in the United Kingdom are enjoying their reward which means even if trading was hard they managed it. They were capable of handling the risks in trading. They were capable of enjoying the opportunity. You are not going to make money if you are just focusing on money. You should think about the things that will work out for your trading style.…


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Regulation and Protection Policy of Ubanker

uBanker is an online trading platform that enables its clients to make successful investments in the global forex market. It offers various forex solutions, financial tools and services that maximize the profit potential of its investor clients. uBanker is reputed for offering forex regulation and protection terms to its clients. Forex market traders receive the highest quality of services in business activities whether it is in terms of customer service, protection of privacy, innovative…


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What Makes Ontega Nigeria Stand Out?

Ontega is an online trading platform that enables its clients to make successful investments in the global forex market. It offers various services, trading options and financial tools to enhance the trading experience and maximize the profit potential of its clients in the global forex market. The following are the advantages of opting for Ontega as a forex trading platform:

  1. A small amount of initial investment: As a…

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This online course will explain how interest rates and things like commodity prices drive the formation of forex trends on eight different currencies and 28 pairs.…


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Four key things every Forex traders should know

We all know trading is the most lucrative profession in the world. There are many traders who have secured their financial freedom just by trading the live assets in the global market. You might have very little experience in the retail trading industry but this doesn’t mean you will not be able to become a profitable trader. Many people in Australia have mastered currency trading profession within a very short period of time. They have worked really hard to gain complete knowledge of the…


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