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Asian Exchanges Failed to Finish the Last Day Positively

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Stock exchanges of Asia-Pacific region have closed negatively. The companies’ reports have not met investors’ expectations, as informed by the «Market Leader».

Independent index of the region MSCI Asia Pacific has dropped by 1.1 percent, having amounted to 121.25 point. The index has lost 1.9 percent in one week, which has become the worst result since August 2012. Japanese index Nikkei…


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AUD/USD: US Economic Prospects Rise on Positive Housing, Manufacturing and Labor Data

A weaker US dollar is foreseen opposite the Australian dollar today as gauges from the housing, manufacturing and employment sectors in the US are seen to further highlight the improving prospects for the world’s largest economy. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve reiterated its commitment to continue with its asset purchases until unemployment improves significantly.

Federal Reserve officials held steady on their new stimulus program, opting to launch no new initiatives while saying…


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Forex Volatility Factor EA - My REsults and Reviews - Get Download

Hello Guys,

Today post my review about Forex Volatility Factory EA.

If you really think about trading with volatility strategy you can see some info about volatility factor methods for trade forex market. But if you not have some time for trade with volatility strategy - you can choose automated trading.

Forex Volatility Factor EA - it…


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German Economy May Shrink

As reported by Market Leader (US)

According to the German Bundesbank, the German economy may start shrinking this quarter. After the considerable growth seen last quarter, there are signs of an economic slowdown. This statement is made in the latest report published by the Bundesbank.


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GBP/JPY: Yen to Weaken as BOJ Leaning Toward Policy Easing

The Japanese yen is believed to weaken alongside the British pound today as the markets increasingly expect the Bank of Japan to unveil further monetary stimulus in its policy review next week. BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa used a speech yesterday to reiterate his commitment to uphold ultra-easy policy amid heightened global uncertainty. Meanwhile, the British pound is foreseen to strengthen on improved economic figures.

At a quarterly meeting of the BOJ regional managers,…


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Japanese Yen Weakens Under BOJ’s Supervision

As reported by Market Leader (US)

The Japanese economy keeps feeling the external pressure caused by the global economic slowdown. Therefore, the Bank of Japan will have to become more attentive when monitoring the impact of the fluctuations in the JPY market on the national economy.   This is the conclusion made by the central bankers during the latest quarterly…


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AUD/USD: EU Banking Union and US Economic Developments Buoy Sentiment

Risk-on trades are once again presumed to debilitate the US dollar today as European leaders struck a deal toward establishing a single banking supervisor for the Euro region in the ongoing summit in Brussels. Meanwhile, economic figures in the US continue to surprise as a gauge of manufacturing inclined larger-than-expected.

Earlier today, European leaders concurred to have a new supervisor for the Euro region’s banks operational next year, a step widely seen to pave the way…


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Experts: Major Wars Are Waged Only For Resources

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Historians and political scientists say that peace is a pause between wars. As cynical as it may sound, sometimes it seems that they are right. Humanity has always waged wars. The only difference for ancient wars is that weapons and tactics have become more sophisticated since then.

How does…

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Masterforex-V Academy Celebrates 7th Anniversary

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Today, on October 3rd 2012, Masterforex-V Academy is celebrating its 7th anniversary. Happy Birthday! Since the very creation, Masterforex-V Academy has been one of the best representatives of the Forex training industry. It has been recognized Europe’s best Forex…


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AUD/JPY: Moody’s Affirmation of Spain’s Credit Rating Benefits the Aussie, Hurts the Yen

The latest release of the Reserve Bank of Australia's Minutes of the Policy Meeting highlighted a sluggish economic growth in China and the European debt crisis that drove the decision of the central bank to lower the benchmark interest rate to 3.25 percent. But latest figures showing that Chinese exports picked up and money supply posted better figures in September, together with news that Moody's Investors Service maintained Spain's credit rating, the Aussie is likely to sustain versus the…


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Masterforex-V Academy: Open Day For Potential Students

As reported by Market Leader (US)

To become a professional in any field, whether it is trading or any other activity, knowledge and skills are almost everything. These days education is not reduced to conventional  schools, universities and academies. The Internet opens vast opportunities for those who want to study. Masterforex-V Academy, Europe’s best online…


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Who Will Become the Best Forex Broker in the Sphere of Automated Trading?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Using automated trading in the modern world, where life is hard to imagine without computers, not only makes trader’s work simpler, but also much more successful. Advisors and robots have become essential tools for traders, who are striving to become professionals and earn high profit 24 hours a day. High quality of work that is guaranteed by broker companies enables the use of innovative…


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Forex4you Technical Analysis 11 October 2012

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

Eurodollar has formed a double bottom at yesterday's lows and has managed to remain above the upper line of the wedge. Momentum is converging bullishly and we will probably see a rally from here. A rise above the neckline at 1.2913 would target 1.3000 – although a nearer target would be the tough level of resistance at 1.2970. A re-break of the 1.2824 lows would lead to a renewal of the down-trend perhaps to support at 1.2775.…


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AUD/JPY: Aussie Set to Rise as Employers Added More Jobs in September

The Australian dollar rose versus its Japanese counterpart in yesterday's trades as the government sold 3.25 Billion Australian dollars worth of notes due in April 2029, the longest-maturity bonds the government has on record. The nation's previous longest bond was due in April 2027, sold last October 2011. Conversely, the Samurai declined after Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiniko Yoda said that the government is ready to act should the currency continue to strengthen.

In an interview…


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Forex4you Technical Analysis 10 October 2012

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

The EUR/USD pair has reached support from the channel-line of the July rally and the monthly pivot. It will probably make a bounce from here. Bullish confirmation could come from a move above 1.2885. It will probably reach the cluster of moving averages at 1.2940 first and then eventually round-number resistance at 1.3000. A break below Tuesday's lows at 1.2833 might initiate a continuation down, although another major trend-line at 1.2785…


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As reported by Market Leader (US)

ATLANTA, Sept. 27, 2012 –The Coca-Cola Company today announced a partnership with JBF Industries Ltd. to further expand production of the plant-based material used in the Company’s PlantBottle™ packaging.  The supply partnership will help Coca-Cola continue its leadership in bringing renewable, lower-carbon plastics to the marketplace and move the Company closer to its target of using…


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Forex4you Technical Analysis 09 October 2012

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

Eurodollar has fallen sharply this morning and has re-touched support from the upper line of the wedge formation. The move down has been very strong and rapid and there is a chance that it will break through the support and fall more deeply, reaching 1.2850. A bounce, however, would probably see a move up to 1.2950, before then likely resuming its descent.…


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Natural Gas: Market Outlook

As reported by Market Leader (US)

The NG market was rather volatile this summer. In 3 months, the price won back its position, thereby recovering from $2,261 up to $3,227 and was fluctuating within the mentioned range since then. The fluctuations were regular and fairly predictable.  

What prospects does the natural gas…

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Middle East Issue: Arab Autumn

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Western media have already called the rage and protests across the Arab world as the “Arab Autumn”. Strange as it may seem, the latest assaults on US embassies have taken place in those countries where “dictatorial regimes” fell nearly a year ago. Nearly all those Middle-Eastern countries are major oil exporters. Therefore, any force-majeure or instability in the…

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