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Should you let brokers trade in your account?

A lot of people think they should let the broker’s trade in their account. Trading in Forex is risky and it also needs time. You cannot just come into this market and win everything. You need to practice your trading in demo markets for a long time to perfect your strategy and you can make money when you are analyzing the market. Making money in Forex is not easy and you will need a lot of discipline and hard work. People who are not professional in this investment world may find it hard for…


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You are a player in a volatile market

You should be proud that you are playing a role in the volatile market. You should become the ruler of your trading journey. You should build the trading mindset in order to become a successful trader. If you are in the Forex market without the proper mindset it will be hard for you to succeed so as Singaporean traders you should make sure to build up the trading mindset.  You cannot control the Forex market but you will be able to control your mind so try to trade the market like a pro…


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Simple steps to create a balanced trading system

Trading is very much popular and it is one of the most profitable business in the whole world. Every single day people work hard only to earn their living. But at the end of the day, they are still thinking how to support their family with their limited income source. This is where Forex trading beats all other professions. If you can truly master the art of trading then you have no limit to your potential earnings. You can earn as much as you want and most importantly no one will be there…


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Limitations in the demo trading accounts

Most brokers in Forex offer the advantage of using the demo accounts to the traders. When many people think they do not need the demo accounts, it can really change your career for good when you are using demo accounts. A lot of people are using demo accounts along with their live accounts and they aerially doing great in their career. When people are using only live accounts to make the trades and make a profit, demo accounts can be a great help to know if your strategy that you are…


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