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Three Ways to Improve Your Forex Trading

Trading currencies seems to be extremely popular among people who wish to replace or supplement their existing income. Most people end up losing all their money, though, because they have a tendency of being extremely impatient and trying to run before they can crawl. You’ll be glad to know that if done correctly, Forex trading can be lucrative. This article will cover a few suggestions that should help you improve your Forex trading.

The biggest problem most new Forex traders have is…


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Forex Trading in India

Foreign Exchange in India is rather strict because of foreign currency exchange policy – even though many liberalization measures have been taken recently, it’s still an economically isolated, or highly protected country. Indian currency  - rupee, is highly regulated by the national banking authority – “Reserve Bank of India” so Indian citizens still cannot freely exchange rupee to other currencies, they have to…


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Trade77; Everyone Looking For Profits In FX? 7pm

A trader asked me this question: ” Anyone who participates in the forex market will look for a profit?” This looks really funny at the first glance but actually the answer to this question would be really informative in order to find out some fundamental concepts of the currency market.

I would like to know your answers, Have you ever thought about this question? Some groups of people will participate in this market and won’t look for a profit? Is it possible?

My answer to this…


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Foreign Exchange Market NEWS.

EURUSD and 6ECONT (its futures) continue lowering

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Yesterday the common European currency updated another local low at 1.3445, showing that the bearish sentiments are still strong enough.…

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Is the Gold Standard Returning?

By: Jared Levy, Editor, Smart Investing Daily

World Bank President Robert Zoellick, a former member of the U.S. Treasury, made his case for bringing back the gold standard. This statement in the Financial Times comes just ahead of the G20 meeting in South Korea.

Mr. Zoellick said, "the system should also consider employing gold as…


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Foreign exchange market.

Foreigners are banned from visiting the symbol of London

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Yesterday the local authorities banned all foreigners from visiting the famous Big Ben tower in London. Such a measure was taken in the fear of possible terrorist attacks. From now on only…

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Stock and commodities markets

Time to Sell Microsoft Stocks?

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Microsoft CEO Steven Anthony Ballmer decided to sell this corporation's stocks worth 1.3 billion US dollars in total and did so late last week.

Steven Ballmer…


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Foreign exchange market.

“3 whales” which drown 95% of traders.

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

There are 3 whales, which can be considered the fundamentals of the art of market trading: tech/fundamental analysis, psychology and money management.

Of course, if a trader has poor skills in tech/fundamental analysis, as well as in money…


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Foreign exchange market.

Speaking about Great Britain’s strategic lines of development.

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

In October one of the British citizens was lucky enough to win the “Euro million” lottery jackpot to the sum of 129 million euro. Now he is able to solve all his financial problems, which cannot be said about

Great Britain as a whole.

The British…


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Foreign Exchange Market NEWS.

EURUSD: is the “Euro marathon” over?

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Yesterday the Greeks were celebrating the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon. The Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC during the first Persian

invasion of Greece. It was fought between the citizens of Athens, aided

by Plataea, and a Persian force…


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Foreign Exchange Market.

Singapore dollar: will Tokyo and Hong Kong have to welcome new rival?

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) authorities have preliminary agreed to buy the Australian stock marketplace called Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).…


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Foreign Exchange Market NEWS.

David Cameron gains further support.

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Last Thursday there was the EU summit held in Brussels, where David Cameron prevented the EU budget costs from growing 5.9%.

His decision was supported by France and Germany. According to Cameron, it is unacceptable to increase the expenses of the EU budget while the UK government has decided to…


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Makes FXPro Unique?

trading instruments, including forex, CFDs, spot metals, futures and
shares, One account to access seven trading platforms:Client Terminal,
MultiTerminal, WebTraderS, Smartphone, iTrader,Mobile, b Trader...

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The Currency Crisis of 2010-2011

Financial markets in the last two years have been absolutely nuts. Huge moves in currencies, bonds, stocks, commodities – every market went crazy as the world nearly fell into a dark age. Yes, it was very close to "guns, ammo and water" time, much closer than any of the CNBC pundits would let on.

The financial markets seem a bit calmer over the past few months. Even with people flooding into U.S. government bonds because of safety concerns, the markets aren't making the huge moves…


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Forex4you Technical Analysis 15/07/10

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

This pair looks like it could be forming a top. The MACD is showing the divergence which accompanies a 5th wave high; there are overlapping waves on the hourly chart and substantial overhead resistance from pivot and channel line. Prices may reach a little higher, perhaps to 1.2790 but after that they should correct to the region of 1.2670.…


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Forex4you Technical Analysis 14/07/10

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

The move up which started yesterday has made new highs. It will probably continue, reaching first 1.2740 and then perhaps 1.2790 where the monthly pivot resides and the upper channel line of the last leg of the move up.

GBP/USD: Technical Analysis

The “Bulls” succeeded in breaching the resistance at 1.5080/60… Continue

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 13/07/10

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

This pair has almost breached the powerful support within the formerly mentioned range of 1.2550/30; now it’s attempting to fix below, and the trading is carried at 1.2530/20. If the “Bears” manage to do it, by the way, the confident reversal down of the indicators speaks well for the high probability of this kind, the implementation of the yesterday mentioned scenario will be obvious – i.e., the price will go ahead… Continue

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 12/07/10

EUR/USD: Technical Analysis

As formerly cautioned, the breach of the support at 1.2620/30 opened the way down, and the price is consolidating at 1.2570, which had been formerly mentioned as another support. The indicators evidently reversed down and speak well for the continuation of the sagging down to 1.2510/00, which was also noted before. However, there’s an intermediary, but powerful all the same support within the range of 1.2550/30 on… Continue

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 09/07/10

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

The price marked the new local maximum of 1.2720/25 and is now returning down, - under the level of 1.2700. The resistance line of the ascending channel (red lines) continues to restrain the “Bull” activity, fixing the closing prices below. However, the indicators remain in the warning of a reversal or a large-scale correction to the growth of the pair. Adjustment of the long-term descending trend line (blue line)… Continue

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Forex4you Technical Analysis 08/07/10

GBP/USD: Technical Analysis

The yesterday mentioned support at 1.5080/90/70 withheld the trades from sagging down and also caused the consolidation within the range of 1.5200-1.5080. The “Bulls” attempt to get the new local maximums stopped at 1.5240. The trading has came back down up to the point and is currently carried next to 1.5170/80. Both the probability of the indicators’ reversal and the hints on their intents to downgrade suggest taking… Continue

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