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Becoming Better at Forex Trading

Thanks to the rise of online trading, everyone now has the potential to enjoy the benefits of Forex trading. To become good at it, though, you will need to do much more than simply setting up an account and loading it with cash. This is a truth few people realize until it’s too late and they’ve lost every penny which is why this article will focus on a few suggestions that will help improve your Forex trading.

There are seven different currency pairs that are referred to as major…


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USD/CAD: Loonie Strengthens on Risk

The US dollar is primed to continue to ease lower in valuation opposite its Canadian counterpart as currency traders appear to be intent to take on risk. With investors in anticipation of central bank policy directives from the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, the demand for higher-yielding assets has been on an increase. It can actually be said that the Canadian currency has been benefiting from speculations of policy action by foreign central banks.

“Everyone is…


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Alex Buzby The Developer Of Forex Trend Rider System On The Forex Growth Bot And The Million Dollar Pips EA!

Alex Buzby, the developer of Forex Trend Rider System on his two favorite forex robots, the Forex Growth Bot and the Million Dollar Pips EA: I am looking to  getting my trading automated as much as possible. How do we do this ? By using robots and following some signals. Now before you all say " oh no, not robots !",  I have had some success with…


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FX prices aligned with Fundamentals & Technicals

European Majors weak on Contagion

The crisis on Greece and Italy has weighed heavier versus the US unemployment data last Friday that led the current directional trend lower for the Euro & the British Pound. Frantic investors shifting to the US Dollar for safe Haven and flight to quality have pushed the US dollar Index higher and have penetrated its initial…


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4th Qtr. 2010 Forex Trading Results-MegaTrade101


The 4th qtr. trading results is a summary for the last 3 months of trading activities based from Megatrade101 market view analysis on our website including the videos supporting these market outlook since September 11 to the 1st of December 2010. Trading on a quarterly basis +/- has been our trading principles in line with proper money management procedures, leverage & net…


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MegaTrade101 - the art of trading

Megatrade101 - the art of trading

MegaTrade101 aims to provide a comprehensive trading guide for traders and investors in the Foreign Currency Market. With a more accurate trading analysis through an 'enhanced FIBONACCI Approach' and using…


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Forex Trading Methodology

Developing a methodology in foreign exchange trading through years of market experiences and trades have enabled market strategists to endure and outlive volatile conditions during critical times. Maintaining a high degree of studies and keen analysis will serve to be an advantage in preserving equity and investment capital. Placed in between winning trades there are the corresponding contrary positions that serve a cushion to safeguard the gains that had been attained during the tenure of…


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Speculation & Hedging

Speculation as defined is simply to gain from price fluctuations without the intention of owning the particular instrument and in the process of doing so is willing to take the risk of loss if the price moves in the opposite direction in exchange for a potential profit while trading the market. This is the general idea of investing in a quick moving market like the foreign exchange. Combining leverage and the liquidity it offers to the traders/investors it has become one of the…


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Forexpros Daily Analysis - 08/02/2010

ForexPros Daily Analysis February 8, 2010


Free webinar on ForexPros - Mapping Out the Banking System & Foreign Exchange Dealing Process, Part II.

Expert: Dan Cook

When: Wed, Feb 24, 2010, 11:00 EST

In the second installment of the Webinar ‘Mapping Out the…

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Eur/Usd: Bottoming at 1.4029

The Euro continues to dive and make new lows this week. The price bottomed out yesterday at 1.4029 and then hanging in a consolidation range until the pair decides to do a critical breakout in either direction.

There are mixed opinions about the future for the Euro/Usd, some experts are saying that the pair will drop going all the way to 1.24 and others are saying that 1.4000 is the bottom of this temporary move. It can be a long and dauntiing task to figure out the fundamentals.… Continue

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Forexpros Fundamental Weekly Outlook, Nov 30-Dec 4,2009

Forexpros Fundamental Weekly Outlook, Nov 30-Dec 4,2009


• Monday: Germany Retail Sales MoM (Previous -0.5%, Forecast N/A) & YoY (Previous -3.9%, Forecast N/A).

• Tuesday: Euro-Zone PMI Manufacturing (Previous 51, Forecast N/A), Unemployment Rate (Previous 9.7%, Forecast N/A). Germany PMI Manufacturing (Previous 52, Forecast N/A), Unemployment Rate (Previous 8.1%, Forecast…

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Forexpros Daily Analysis Nov 24, 2009

Free Webinar Today on Forexpros: Beyond the Forex Chart: Inter-Market Analysis

Hosted by: Mark Dela Paz, of FX Instructor

Tue, Nov 24, 2009, 11:00 EST

Have you ever wondered why the dollar drops when gold and oil prices are up, or the Yen crosses rally when the stock markets are on a run. Join Mark de la Paz of FXinstructor in his latest module for the ‘Forex 101’…

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Forexpros Daily Analysis Nov 23, Supplemental

Forexpros Daily Analysis Nov 23, Supplemental

Fundamental Weekly Outlook


• Monday: France PMI Manufacturing (Previous 55.6, Forecast 55.8) & PMI Services (Previous 57.7, Forecast 57.4). Germany PMI Manufacturing (Previous 51.0, Forecast 51.6) & PMI Services (Previous 50.7, Forecast 51.2). Euro-Zone PMI Manufacturing (Previous 50.7, Forecast 51.2) & PMI Services (Previous 52.6, Forecast…

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