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Does US FRS threaten Russia with economic crash?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

US news. The results of the meeting of the US FRS have cast down on the world markets, which have not received any help, but heard that the United States economy is officially recognized as “ailing”. It is obvious that due to this almost all assets have gone down in value, except for dollar.

Russian bond indexes, as admitted by the… Continue

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Volvo and Fiat are the leaders of automobile sector fall at stock exchange

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Stock exchange news. The second wave of world economic crisis is checking absolutely all spheres of world economy for strength, including the market of car manufactures. What automobile giants do stock exchange investors refuse to support most of all, whose shares fall more than others at stock exchange because investors and traders get out of them first of all, hardly… Continue

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Tips for investors: lower oil prices threaten with another global crisis

As reported by Market Leader (US)

On Sep 21st 2011 the Fed Reserve warned of significant risks to the U.S. economy, global oil prices and the world’s major stock indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei 225, CAC 40, S&P 500) started a rapid downfall. The downfall has many signs of another major crisis.

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Tax increase for the rich: how will it influence US dollar?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

US news. US President Barack Obama has introduced to the Congress his detailed plan of creating jobs and increasing the profit of common American workers, representatives of small and medium business. It is a part of a large-scale plan to shorten the deficit of the country’s national debt in the nearest decade.

A week ago US President presented… Continue

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Libya: the country is regarded as a place for investments

As reported by Market Leader (US)

News of Africa, Libya. On September 1st a meeting of the “Friends of Libya” was held in Paris. This name is now commonly referred to the leaders of the states, who have supported… Continue

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Offshore zones: What is their meaning and essence for international investors?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Such terms as “offshore zone” and “offshore company” has been known to investors for decades. In the CIS states these notions are relatively knew (some 20 years) while in Europe and other regions this type of business has been known for a much longer period of time. An offshore company implies a new level of business, new international financial and…

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Anti-missile defense talks between Russia and USA: possible consequences

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Russia and the US are getting ready to have another round of anti-missile defense talks. It happens so that the topic became the major one in the Russia-US bilateral relations. Moscow is really concerned about the USA’s anti-missile defense in Europe.

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Greece: A burden to the eurozone? Pros and cons

As reported by Market Leader (US)

A few months ago any talk about the possibility of Greece's withdrawal from the eurozone was a taboo. Only independent experts and analysts could discuss it. But everything has changed. More and more opposing politicians and common people want Greece out of the eurozone.
For example, Christian Linder, general secretary of Free Democratic Party of Germany,…

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Authors’ forex indicators: unsolved secrets of trading classics are revealed

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Forex news. Recently, as a part of teaching internet project of Masterforex-V Forex International Academy and Futures Trade and Stock Exchange, a new long-expected by many traders free webinar has been held.
Similarly to all previous sessions of… Continue

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Forex: broker licenses. Should traders trust them?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Many traders pay attention to broker licenses when choosing a broker to open a real-money account with. There are dozens of such licenses. Let’s find out the difference between them and why some of these licenses don’t guarantee fair brokerage.


The world’s most respected international…

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2012 US presidential elections: possible impact on dollar and global economy

As reported by Market Leader (US)

The 2012 US presidential elections are round the corner. Barack Obama will represent the Democrats while Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, will be the Republican candidate.
The opponents have already been running their mobile election campaigns for a couple of weeks. The struggle is getting tenser. Barack Obama…

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Cyclic and Acyclic Nature of Financial Markets: How to Benefit

As reported by Market Leader (US)

We mention from time to time that a cycle is a cycle. This means the main trend has similar properties in all sectors with a cyclic model even though markets can often conceal this, adding their own motifs.
For example, when energy prices take this motif, markets will…

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William D. Gann: The future is but a repetition of the past

As reported by Market Leader (US)

The entry to the building of New York Stock Exchange has been adorned by a portrait of a standing man for a few decades in a row already. Who was honored this way? This man is William Delbert Gann, one of the most talented and famous traders of all times who lived in 1878-1955. However, few people know what singles out Gann among many other traders that made an equally large fortune… Continue

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How to Achieve Consistent and Conscious Profit-Taking in Financial Markets?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Our magazine already wrote about the Price Range Break Department within the Faculty of Flat Break; Automation; Auto-Trading. The Department recently turned one year old. What has it achieved? Alexei Morozov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department, speaks on…

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