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A brief overview of the forex bots and manual trading system

Forex bots are programmed and designed to give the traders signals before they are happening in the market. These are some kind of predicting software which analyzes the market based on the existing signals and forecasts the traders what is expected to happen in the future. Though there is a debate about the efficiency of the Forex bots in this trading industry, many traders are very happy to get a virtual assistant and know what may happen to the market before they are placing trades.…


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A brief overview of the most popular Forex patterns

Though traders in the market use many types of pattern, there are some common patterns which are very popular and are widely used by traders all around the world. We are going to discuss some of the popular patterns in the world of forex in our article. You do not need to follow these patterns in your trading style if you are using any other type of patterns. These patterns are only popular because traders find it easy to read the market using these patterns. If any other patterns work for…


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How to choose the best currency pair in trading?

Currency pair plays an important role in forex profit making. Currency pair refers to the currencies that you are buying and selling with. There are two types of currency pairs in forex and they are called the major currency pairs and the minor currency pairs. All of these currency pairs are used in Forex by the traders. Though there are minor currency pairs, it is always the major currency pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USD/CHF which are in popular use always.

When selecting…


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Consider trading as your business

When you are a Forex trader, do not think this trading some sort of entertainment. When the interested people look at the graphs of Forex market, they are greatly entertained. They took it as an easy money. The graphs are changing every time. The signals are moving up and down. If they place a trade, they can make easy money in the market. Also, Forex allows the interested groups to become traders with a little money. You do not have to go to an office, you do not have to dress up like an…


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Platinum and Palladium: The Forgotten Precious Metals

There is no denying that gold and silver are the most popular among precious metals that are traded. This is mainly due to the various industrial and retail benefits they both offer. However, the advancement of technology has prompted the use of two other metals on a much wider scale. They are platinum and palladium. Most traders don’t realize the various advantageous trading which these two precious metals can offer. (Information courtesy:…


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Gold Trading Strategies and Technical Indicators – An Overview

Gold is a playing a crucial role in the financial market, since the ancient age. Since then, this metal is treated as the synonymous of luxury and power. Gold was used as a currency for several countries, and it was also used to make religious idols. In fact till 1971, the USD was pegged to gold. The central banks hold a huge deposit of gold for emergency purpose. As an effect of the great depression, the gold rate was fixed at 35 dollar/ounce the Roosevelt administration. But in the year…


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Poker player’s mindset will be a lesson for you

Did you know that the Forex traders can gain the lesson from a poker player? We will tell you the mindset of a poker player and then by using it,you will be able to trade successfully. There are similarities between poker player and the Forex market trading. As the Poker players, they will know that if they manage the risks and play the odds they will be able to manage the game and it will not fall under the category of gambling. The poker players will go to the extreme of playing if they…


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Top 5 Rules of Thumb to Become a Successful CFD Trader

CFD trading includes a few golden rules, and to become an expert in CFD trading one needs to know these rules. It has often been seen that traders without knowing the rule of CFD, enter the market and start trading. As a result, they fail to achieve success. So it is said that you should know the market better before entering the market.

If you are a novice trader, and want to trade in CFD, then you should know as well as maintain the golden rules of this trading. Some of the…


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Selecting a Forex Broker: Top 4 Tips

It is a well known fact that forex or the foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world in terms of liquidity and regular turnover. These days the number of online trading brokers is increasing dramatically. Because of growing interest in commodities and currencies, new brokers are constantly popping up.  And the task of choosing the best broker from the lot has become a difficult task. But competition only improves the quality of the offering.

Here are some…


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The Four Formations of a Japanese Candlestick

There are a lot of tools which are used by traders in order to better and improve their trading, and to sharpen their timings while placing a trade at a particular point of time and within specific conditions. Commonly, such tools are indicators, signals, charts and analyzers. Here, in this article we will discuss about the candlestick chart. Going back centuries, this chart type was first used in Japan for the purpose of calculating profits and price changes in the rice trade. In the…


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What to Look for In a Forex Trading Platform

In order to know what to look for in a forex trading platform, it is important that you first know what a trading platform actually is. A forex trading platform is a kind of trading software that is used by traders while trading forex online. It helps in trade execution and forex trading analysis. A currency trading platform offers order-taking methods and charts; and acts as an intermediary between the brokers and the customers. Different…


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Major Reasons to Trade in the Forex

It can be said that the forex market is the best home business on the internet. More than 3 trillion dollars are exchanged in this market every day. This makes the market the most liquid market in the world. This is the reason why the forex market is the most popular means of earning some more money.

In comparison to stock or future market, this market is less risky and much more profitable. Trading in the forex is easy. Easy market has discussed some of the reasons that lead…


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Some Musings on Commodity Trading

All markets which deal with trading commodities are said to have a “70% guarantee of success”. That means anybody who wants to trade commodities online, is sure to be able to earn profits; bullish or bearish tendencies notwithstanding. And the returns are huge; the ones that are much bigger in comparison to other markets. But don’t feel the glee just yet---the commodity market, while easy to trade and profitable, is hardly free…


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Four Kinds of Forex Platforms

It is almost impossible to think of conducting foreign exchange trading online without the aid of forex trade platforms. They not only guide the new trader step-by-step in the art of forex trade, but also help them get proficient in it by offering them demo accounts to conduct proxy trades and sharpen their skills. Most top-ranking forex platforms are now available with a majority of ECN/STP (Electronic Communication Network/Straight through Processing) brokers. Let us see what are some of…


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Advantages of CTrader Platform

Most traders want to try on a platform that offers a large functionality. MT4 trading platforms are mostly offered the forex brokers. However in the last few years, cTrader brokers are increasing in the foreign exchange retail market, and they also offer ctrader demo account at free of cost.

CTrader platform is not usually offered by forex brokers. They mostly prefer offering MT4 or MetaTrader4 because they believe…


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CFD: The Advantages of Trading It

The most important reason trade in stocks and commodity futures via the CFD (Contract for Difference) system is the undeniable fact that you get to trade on margin. Quite simply, you have the opportunity to obtain a position on a certain asset (company share or commodity units) for a minimal percentage of the real estimated value of the particular asset. The specifications for the smallest amount of capital that may be invested, depends upon the particular broker and platform that you’re…


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6 Tips on How to be a successful Forex trader

Forex trading is more art than science, because of all its charts, numbers and ratios. The best traders are those who sharpen their skills through practice and discipline. Here are some tips that you may find helpful (shared by fibo group holdings ltd):

Define your goals

Before you start trading, it is important that you gather some idea about what you want to trade and how you plan to reach your goal. It is equally important that…


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