FXCourse.com Upgrades and Changes

Over the last 15 days I am sure you have noticed a significant difference in the look and feel, navigation and content of FXCourse.com. We hired industry experts to analyze the site for ease of use, as well as, content (course explanations) and were given a really massive task, to change.

The old Fxcourse.com site was certainly a great looking site! However, challenges with; navigation, optimization and lack of specific content relating to our curriculum certainly did not help much since last September's launch. Great appreciation goes to the staff who worked tirelessly with experts over the last couple weeks to make the necessary alterations for our traders. We thank all members for your patience. Site evolution is a massive task and still not finalized.

The back office functionality has changed with simpler access to the FACTS archive, login to ITRs and courses. Other major changes in the back office are underway as we continue to streamline our functionality. Make sure you come back often to check out the changes.

Change in course direction has helped to expedite student understanding and subsequently their trading experience. In a beta group of new students, it took between 3-5 weeks for them to pass the quizzes and exams as well as practice in the Beginners ITR. Course flow moves students between the Beginners (previously FIFX) to the Intermediate (previously FX KISS Beginners) and on to the Advanced Forex Trading Course which teaches entry order set ups for higher Profit to Loss ratio trades.

Curriculum redundancy has been abolished and now becoming streamlined. FACTS archive re-branding has begun, watch future newsletters for continued information on upcoming changes and launches.

Advanced Trading Room Update

I just received information of last weeks shorter term day to swing entry order trades on the 10 minute charts were 4 for 5 win-loss ratio. The stop loss hit on the CAD pair, but for the week students and traders were able to overcome this loss to book 40 plus pips. As a result, the last two weeks show an 80% win-loss ratio in 250 pips plus profit. Unfortunately, price direction turned on the trades and hit the capital preservation stops in profit territory. Sound trading and money management for this type of shorter term entry order, kudos, to coach Tim.

Longer term trades are still in the process of lining up (discussed in last newsletter). Currently caution prevails concerning longer term trade entries due to the forthcoming G7 summit.

Russ Field




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