There are very few educational companies that spend the time to actually test and make sure their students are ‘doing' the work. FX Course was the first company (we know of) to actually test traders' knowledge throughout their trading journey.

Our goal is to be able to move traders who truly want to commit themselves to learning through Foundations in FX and the Intermediate course to our Advanced longer term trading course within 90-120 days. We believe we have restructured the program in such a way that traders can go through the FACTS (archived lessons) and additional Learn Lessons, pass the quizzes and exams while completing their final prerequisite of ITR attendance to move into the next phase of the program. For those of you who have not been in the ITRs for a few weeks, this is what you are missing in the advanced ITRs of late.

The Advanced ITR uses directional analysis coupled with a very consistent trading strategy for objective entry and forecasted exit points all based on entry orders for higher Profit to Loss ratio trades. Over the last few weeks you have been reading the importance of having the proper Profit to Loss ratio of at least 2, 3, 5 or 10 plus to 1 in your trading strategy. The reason is simple - time, money and human nature. Now imagine having the good fortune to visit an Advanced ITR, whereby you are given entry points on trades based on the strategies and directional analysis given in the class. Is this worth the money?

Well most traders would kill to make just 200 pips a month in their own trading accounts! How do I know this, because of the 10,000 plus people I have been associated with in helping how to trade the market?

In our Advanced ITR last week, the calls were a 5/5 win loss ratio, for a total of 229 pips. In the next few weeks you need to be present in the Advanced ITRs, as we have significant longer term 3, 5 and 10 plus to 1 Profit to Loss ratio trades shaping up on the, Pound/Yen, EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Using our money management strategy of just 2% (stop loss lot allocation) you would put up approximately 6% of your account at risk, for a potential forecasted potential of 34%. Who doesn't need the potential in the next few weeks to increase their equity potentially by 34%. This is a Profit to Loss ratio of over 5 to 1, based on entry orders. This means you come to the class analysis the direction and forecasts in the ITR, then place entry orders. As your trade kicks in you take a few minutes to make sure you move your stop into profits to decrease any potential losses. That is a simple task that will only take a few hours a week in one of the Advanced ITRs.

There is a huge difference between trading as a job, and having a trading lifestyle and this is why it is so important for traders to seriously re-think their money management to make sure they are taking trades in such a way that will not inhibit their time, money or human nature. The Advanced ITR is the solution for all three.

Coach Russ


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