A Traders Story: Mind Melting

I have opportunities from time to time to talk about trading with the traders who frequent our ITRs. A few days ago one of the traders from the East Coast and I were conversing about how messed up traders minds can get when trading long hours in the shorter term strategies.

The conversation was quite pleasant as we conjured up memories of us spending money on the newest ‘silver bullet' in the Forex educational marketplace that gave us the ability to see into the future (of course with poor Profit to Loss ratios), but we just saw the potential for PIPS as our logic became opaque through the caveats of simple easy profits.

In taking these courses both of us remember sitting at our trading station, scanning our charts, objectively analyzing the myriad of indicators and oscillators, strewn all over the chart. To wait and wait and wait, just like the king of the jungle, just before a kill, only to fall asleep exhausted, empty. Just 10 minutes before our ‘silver bullet' triggers, which would have, could have made over 200 pips in one perfect trading session. We waited for this moment for days and due to the fact we ran out of time and our human nature kicked in (exhausted), we lost potential money and likely some passion.

I guarantee this has happened to every trader reading this. Whether you are in Istanbul or Idaho, the fact of the matter is, you wake up the next morning after working diligently for days on your ‘silver bullet' to see something like that happen, it messes with your mind. Why do you think you keep looking for the next ‘silver bullet'. There is not one trader I have ever talked to about this very real trading situation that has told me of their disappointment and loss of passion. Only if they could have stayed up longer, drank more coffee, had a hot poker stuck into their arm to stay awake, but the fact of the matter is, their busy family and work lives are not parallel with the reality of trading. The money makers know and feed off of this, this is why you are their prey and they are the lion. They just need to patiently wait, till you step outside the boundaries of discipline to suck you dry of profits.

Why do we do this to ourselves? FX Course is designed to move you through the curriculum to build upon your knowledge and experience. The coaches and tools will help you learn; how to analyze the market in such a way that you can take lifestyle trades based on higher Profit to Loss ratios, whereby you do not have to be there when the trade triggers. This is the true ‘silver bullet' as you will be able to trade in such a way that, time and money but most importantly human nature will be congruent with your trading methodology.

Stop fighting the inevitable, and learn how to put yourself in a position to enter into the market on your own terms on your own time and stop missing the higher Profit to Loss opportunities that the professionals are consistently getting. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too, but you're going to have to brush yourself off, and learn how to trade smaller allocations with the potential of greater Profit to Loss trades, how long will this take. We have trade ITRs whereby we teach and trade, so it is an immediate adjustment for you, just show up!

We believe in you and your ability to make profits. Come join us, stop chasing the ‘silver bullets', remember the only real ‘silver bullet' is the one that stares right back at you in the morning when you brush your teeth. If you ask of life anything, she will pay it back in full; don't underestimate your ability for greatness in trading.

Coach Russ




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