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TEAM FXP Testimonial

I am delighted by Tim's return, and more importantly, the fact that his sessions are now taking place during more active trading hours.

Not only has Tim helped me dramatically improve the technical aspects of my trading, he has been invaluable in helping me get my head straight. As you know, the wrong psychology can quickly undermine even the best technical skills. During his absence, I continued to bounce between the extremes of fear and recklessness -- always struggling to find the right balance.

The result, after two weeks of sorting things out with Tim's mentoring (in the Team FXP Advanced ITR), I had my best trading week ever!!

In summary, I am better equipped both technically and mentally for live trading. Emotions are now in check and I am now trading with confidence yet able to put the occasional loss behind me.

I highly recommend Tim (and the FXP prerequisite levels) to anyone who wants to develop a sustainable trading style.

I speak from experience. Many "systems" I have tried, work fine until the market reverses or consolidates. Unfortunately, you have many failures before you discover the market shift, then you either jump to another system, or add so many indicators and rules, that your original system eventually becomes impossible to execute.

Thanks again for expanding Tim's role at FXP, and for offering so much at such a fair price.

R Ferre.

This is one of our students who likes the fact that we have taken a 'higher' road than most Forex educational or strategy companies. Over 99% of companies you find will only teach people how to trade with a short stop usually at 5% leverage. The challenge is you have to win over 80% of the time just to keep your head above water.

This approach is problematic due to the fact that the masses trying it out will likely run out of time or money before they get to a level of emotional maturity to pull the trigger at an 80% plus win loss rate.

By building up a foundation in learning then adding support to the foundation within 4-9 months 10-16 hours per week, we train people how to get to the advanced level whereby fractals of Elliott Theory are analyzed and traded by our coaches. This gives you the ability as a student trader to watch how the market is being analyzed in live environments as well as put your entry orders to trade. This is exciting.

Remember, currency trading is recession proof. Its the only recession proof business that I know of as currencies are traded in pairs and you can buy or sell and make potential profits either direction.

Russ Field

Currency Coach

Team FXP




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