АО_Zotik – a Worthy Replacement of Bill Williams’ AO in the Forex? (video)

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Forex news. According to the forex news feed at Masterforex-V Internet Portal, foreign currency traders have an advanced tool – АО_Zotik, a leading indicator which can become a worthy replacement of Bill Williams’ AO.

What are the reasons and needs to look for something to replace AO, an indicator of one of trading classics?

Bill M. Williams’ AO or Super AO as B. Williams, its father, enthusiastically called it, is part of the Alligator trading system – one of the most controversial and ambiguous strategies for trading in the forex market as millions of traders worldwide lost their capitals using it (see further details in articles of the PDF version of Issue No. 4 Market Leader, 2009: ‘The Phenomenon of Bill Williams’ Trading System’ and ‘When and Why Bill Williams’ Alligator… Will Surely Cheat the Trader'). To be brief, Bill Williams' AO lags behind and provides no real tips to forex traders in their trading and is only good at showing the history of previous movements of the forex market.  More Read...


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