Eurozone Salvation: Another Marshall Plan?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

It is expected that the European authorities will present a new eurozone salvation plan during forthcoming EU summit (June 28-29th). Some experts have called it the new “Marshall Plan”. After the first detail of the new plan were revealed, European markets started rallying…
65 Years Later: Another “Marshall Plan”?
What unites the old and the new “Marshall Plan” is the tough conditions under which they were and will be implemented. The Marshall Plan was implemented after World War II when most European economies were devastated and needed external help to recover. For example, let’s consider what was the manufacturing production capacity in different countries in 1946 as compared with 1937: Italy – 40%, Germany and Austria – 34%, Japan – 30%. Post-war Europe suffered from multiple problems like food and recourse shortage, insufficient labor power and terrible unemployment.  Read more...


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