How to Make Money in Forex without Actually Trading

Forex (also known as FX, foreign exchange) is the market where one currency is being exchanged for another one. The volume of transactions taking
place on the foreign exchange market is mind-blowing. Some estimates,
based on the earlier surveys made by the Bank for International Settlements,
mention an average daily figure of over US$3 trillion per day! The
daily combined turnover of all major world stock exchanges is only
around US$200 billion.

Earning money trading forex is not as easy as it is sometimes portrayed: you are advised to learn as much about forex trading and practice trading on a demo account before investing real money. Investments in forex are also potentially risky to investor. You should not invest in forex the money you cannot afford to lose. You might decide forex trading is not for you because the only way you can make real money is by investing lots of money. You might decide to stay away from forex
because it's too complicated and risky. Wrong decision! Even if you
cannot invest time and money
required or if you just don't have the mindset for forex, you can still
make big money…even without trading and we will show you how.

If you own a website, you can reap real profits with little effort by joining a forex affiliate program. This opportunity may potentially generate thousands a month in extra income for you. The maximum you would need to do is to put a banner or a
link on your website through which customers can be referred to your
broker and you will receive a commission for every referral.

Commission structures differ across affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs will offer several commission options and will even allow using each option at the same time. Some brokers reward active partners and will
agree to tailor their commission structure to your specific needs.
Second-tier affiliate programs will pay commissions for the sales made by people who signed up under you.

Some of the commonly-used commission options are: (1) CPA (cost per action), meaning that you will receive a fixed sum for every new trading account opened by your referral, (2) CPD (cost per deposit)-a certain
percentage from the deposit made by the people you refer, and (3) CPV
(cost per volume)- a pip commission from the
trading made by people you refer. Imagine a person, who opened an
account through your link and deposited $1000 into his trading account.
If you signed up under CPD option, you will automatically get $100
commission for that. Let's say you signed up under CPV of 1 pip per lot option. This means that if, for example, someone opens a trade on EURUSD you will get a commission equal to 1 pip. One pip
in this case is equal to $10. Considering that an average customer
trades a few dozens of lots a day, you can get hundreds of dollars in
commission just from one customer just for one day! For as long as the
customer is trading, you will be receiving the commission automatically
every time s/he makes a trade.

As you can see, it is not necessary to have a significant knowledge of forex to become a forex affiliate. Just a little effort can make you hundreds of thousands of extra income within weeks. Why not give it a try?

About the Author:

Maritza Garcia is an investor, educator, author, and marketing expert. She is now employed as business development consultant to Forex-Metal broker. You can learn more about Forex-Metal IB programs at

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