Latin America Sees Flight Of Capital: Consequences For US Dollar

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Shortly after withdrawing funds from the eurozone (which contributed to the weakening of the common Euro currency against the US Dollar, the British Pound and other major currencies), investors started withdrawing funds from Latin America. What are the major reasons for this massive flight of capital? How serious is it? What may be the consequences for the national economies of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico?
Bolivia Nationalizes Its Biggest Power Plant. Argentina Does The Same With YPF, Is Biggest oil Companies.
The nationalization of Bolivia’s biggest power plant and Argentina’s biggest oil company YPF caused a wave of concerns over the reliability of foreign investments in Latin American economies. The nationalization of Spanish companies - Red Electrica and Repsol – only intensified the concerns and added more questions without giving answers.     Read more...


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