When people are interested in Forex to make money, there are an adventurous group of traders who like to trade the market with oil and gold. We are saying oil and gold because we know that if you trade with this oil and gold, you are going to lose your money in Forex. Though trading with the commodity is highly profitable, it is also very risky. When people start trading in Forex, they do not know much about commodity trading. Oil and gold are commodities and when you are investing your money in oil and gold and placing your trades, you know that you are trading with the commodity. The only reasons people like to tare with oil and gold is to make money swiftly. As they are more volatile than any other currency pairs in Forex, you will have a swifter market movement in Forex.


Many expert traders at Singapore often trades the gold and oil only. You might be surprised to hear that they are making millions of dollar in every single year based on gold and oil trading. But this doesn’t mean that you will become a successful gold trader without learning any details about this market. In fact, gold and oil trading is one of the most difficult tasks in the trader's community as their prices are heavily affected by political news release. But once you find the perfect rhythm everything will become extremely easy for you.


It is risky if you are not experienced

If you are not an experienced trader in Forex, it is risky that you will lose your money. Most people in Forex do not have experience with commodity trading. They become greedy and want to make quick money and start trading with oil and gold. If you want to make money in Forex, there are no quick ways. Trading with commodity can only be profitable if you are an experienced trader. Professional traders also do not trade with oil and gold. The result of this trading is volatile and you can lose your investment. If you think you are going to trade with oil and gold, you should always practice in your demo accounts. It is not possible to imagine what will happen to your market if you are placing wrong trades. If these are oil and gold, you increase your chance of losing money in Forex more. Practicing in demo accounts can give you a taste of what it feels like to trade with the commodity.


When you start trading the commodity then you need to very cautious about your trade management skill. Forex trading Singapore is now very popular and many expert traders are also offering the professional trading course. So being new to this industry it’s always better to get a clear idea about gold and oil trading from the experienced professional. Never think that this market will help you to become a millionaire without any hard work. For every penny that you will earn in your trading career, you will have to work hard. Noting is free in this world and the things which come free will not last long.


Trade with small lot size

If you are going to trade, trade with a small lot size. Trading with commodity can make you lose your investment if you trade with large lot size. You can make money here and also lost your investment. Most people with commodity trading experience knows that it is a good way of trading when you set your lot size small. If you lose your trade, you will not lose all your money in oil and gold trading. If possible try to understand the nature of this market by using the demo account. See how the price moves in different market condition and based on that try to develop a balanced trading system. Keep your patience and trade this market with discipline.

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