Masterforex-V Academy Celebrates 7th Anniversary

As reported by Market Leader (US)

Today, on October 3rd 2012, Masterforex-V Academy is celebrating its 7th anniversary. Happy Birthday! Since the very creation, Masterforex-V Academy has been one of the best representatives of the Forex training industry. It has been recognized Europe’s best Forex training project over the last 3 years.

So, What is so special about Masterforex-V Academy? What is the difference between the Academy and other Forex instructors? Market Leader will try to answer these questions in this article…

The famous Turtles were taught to trade advantages. This is the essence of Masterforex-V Academy’s motto. The Academy has chosen the way of creating new, exclusive and efficient trading methods, techniques and approaches.  The Masterforex-V trading system can serve as an example.   Read more...


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