Hi today I want to share with you that our Pro Package Megaforex Signals, has increase the daily analysis with 4 currencies, now you will receive information about: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, NZD, AUD AND CAD. BUT, and is a BIG BUT, de price has been reduce 50% now you can get the Pro Package for only $49.50, and you will recieve 7 days for only $10.00, it can not get better than this. Don´t pass in this opportunity because the offer is for a limited time only, so if you want to susbcribe you can go to: http://www.fx-megaforex.com/signals.htm
Now let talk about the USD/CAD:

PIVOT: 1.0195
R1: 1.025
R2: 1.029
S1: 1.0105
S2: 1.0073

Our preference are positions below the pivot to reach the supports. The RSI has stuck against the major resistance at 1.0175 and its going down. At this time is below the pivot at 1.014 and it is showing signs of going down to the first support at 1.0105.

Another news is the usd unemployment claims improve a little bit but is the 4th consecutive time that the rate improve for a total of 444k.

Portugal as Spain has declared that they will adjust and reduce the budget in order to reduce the deficit. The Euro Zone had agree to reduce the nations budget in order to mantain a strong currency.
You can see more of the euro at Pips911 just go to www.fx-megaforex.com/pips911.htm The AUD has show a big improvent and a great advance in the economy so is getting stronger, now is showing a strong resistance at 0.8955.
I invite all of you to visit the web page at www.fx-megaforex.com

Remember a better trader is the one that has the ability to make better decisions.

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