Regulation and Protection Policy of Ubanker

uBanker is an online trading platform that enables its clients to make successful investments in the global forex market. It offers various forex solutions, financial tools and services that maximize the profit potential of its investor clients. uBanker is reputed for offering forex regulation and protection terms to its clients. Forex market traders receive the highest quality of services in business activities whether it is in terms of customer service, protection of privacy, innovative technology and financial management. uBanker always aims to meet all your needs and requirements. Hence, the trading platform needs to update its procedural systems and internal regulation policies in a way that would cater to the specific needs of its clients. The following are some of the features of the regulation and protection policies offered by uBanker:

Safe payment methods:

uBanker offers its clients a number of payment options that would guarantee the financial safety of the client while they deposit or withdraw funds. All these payment options offered by uBanker are completely safe and comply with high ethical standards.

Privacy protection:

uBanker proudly owns the eTrust seal. The ownership of the eTrust seal entails that the online forex trading platform of uBanker abides by the highest code of privacy settings that ensure the protection of their clients’ data. The client of uBanker can be rest assured that the privacy of their account and their finances are completely protected.

Data encryption:

uBanker’s trading systems are secured with SSL 128 bit encryptionthat serves the purpose of providing an additional enclosure of security in order to guard the privacy of trading account, finances and digital transactions of its clients.

As a forex trading platform, uBanker offers the service of a self-study course to its clients which include the following:

  • Fundamental concepts of forex market
  • Basic forex terminology
  • Currency quotes
  • Fundamental trading strategies to make successful investments in the forex market

The Vanuatu Ministry of Finance And Economic Management has given uBanker the exclusive authority to conduct the business of securities transactions as the holder of Dealers in Securities. uBanker provides forex trading solutions and services through a trading platform like the following:

  • Spot and forward foreign currency contracts
  • Swap transaction of foreign currencies


If you are a forex trader who wishes to open a trading account, uBanker is the certainly the ideal platform due to the trading platform’s regulation and protection policies.

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