Stock Exchange Robots: Profit Factor or Smashup Machine?

As reported by Market Leader (US)

To be with a robot or not to be? That is the question for a modern trader, who lives in the world of automation, where money is shoveled up by stock exchange cyborgs. However, due to their limitedness, they use this shovel to bury profit or, as it has recently happened to MICEX, “present” your millions to other players.

So, are machine trading systems good or evil? Why is robotic use so limited in the West? Why does MICEX-RTS introduce hard restraints and the system of fines for the owners of robots? How can some traders earn 7 382.58% of yield with the help of MTS, whereas others suffer a loss? Will robots lay hands on the world of finance if today their share at Western or Russian exchanges already amounts to over 80% from the total number of transactions?

Robots are the lords of financial profit


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