Stockpair has been an incredibly popular pair options broker ever since they first hit the scene in 2011. And then in late 2013 they even began to offer the standard high/low and 60-second binary options contracts. This year's in-depth Stockpair review by the folks at GBOR gets all the details and reflects all of the many changes which has taken place for this service in the last year or so.

Unfortunately, this year's review did reveal some rather bad news, at least for some of us. And the unfortunate news would be that Stockpair will no longer be accepting any US-based traders, due to regulatory conflicts. This is a big blow to US-based pair options traders because there is absolutely no reasonable alternative to Stockpair for the advanced trading of pair options contracts. But, for those of you who reside outside the US, this poses no problem at all. So check them out, and see if they might be able to fit your trading needs. Good luck out there! 

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