September 24, 2020

Stockpair trading platform – Pair options

We took a look at this most popular of pair options trading platforms by opening an account and trying out the Stockpair platform for ourselves. We were pleasantly surprised by the experience. The Stockpair trading platform offers a unique take on binary options trading and is a very welcome addition to the lineup.

Binary stock pair options are simple trading instruments that allow you to make trades based only on the relative performance of two assets. For example: Which will do better over the next day, Gold or Silver? It makes no difference whether the market is going up, down or sideways. All that matters for a trade on the Stockpair platform is which one of the pair is gaining more? Or losing more? It’s all about the relative performance of the paired underlying assets. A great example from current events is the NASDAQ versus Apple. Apple is listed on the NASDAQ but for many months now has fairly consistently outperformed its parent index. And this has held true in both up and down market conditions. With Apple gaining 2% when the NASDAQ gains 1%. Or Apple losing only 0.2% when the NASDAQ shed a full 1%. Indeed, Apple has been an outstanding money maker for many using the Stockpair platform for awhile now.

Many people find that the Stockpair platform is easier to get the hang of and therefore more profitable for them than regular binary options. Most of those have reported that they found the transition from plain vanilla stock trading to the Stockpair trading platform quite natural and intuitive. One of the biggest advantages of the Stockpair platform is the amazing ability to precisely structure your own risk/reward ratios while also controlling overall risk with pinpoint accuracy. We were amazed at the complex strategies and risk control procedures our trader was able to construct employing multiple stock pair options trade at once. The Stockpair trading platform is great because it can cater to people from total beginners to expert professional traders. Regular binary options simply do not offer the kind of flexibility that the Stockpair platform can offer.

Stockpair trading
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