Sugar market: what will be the prices?

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

The following factors will make sugar decline in price: good weather conditions in Brazil, favoring the process of harvesting, and the production of sugar in India against the background of the insufficient data on the global demand for sugar.  In March the Indian government allocated 1.68M tons of sugar for export.
Last month the allocated export volume was 1.62M tons of sugar. 350 000 tons of it was left unsold and may be sold in the near future. According to experts’ forecasts, this year the net volume of sugar production in India will reache 24.5m tons. Last year the production volume was only 19M tons. Moreover, Japan is expected to lower the sugar export in the short run. It is the world’s 8th largest importer of sugar (1.5M tons a year).   More Read...


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