Technical Analysis of the USD/JPY & Forex Signals Results from May 17-21

Hi I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to share with you the forex results from last week forex signals. Please remember this results are from the basic package. The professional package is a little bit different they are graphical and technical analysis, and showing you what the indicators and economic news are telling. I am sending you the technical analysis from today for the usd/jpy, so you know what I mean. Hope it will be useful.

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USD/JPY: remains pressured to the downside following its weakness started at the 94.97 level. We see risk towards 88.23 with a violation of there clearing the way for a run at the 88.12 level. While price hesitation may occur there, we expect the level to give way for further weakness towards 87.35 and then 84.80. Its daily stochastics is bearish and pointing lower suggesting further downside. On the upside, above the 93.63 level, must be broken to reverse its current weakness and open the door for more gains towards the 94.76/97 levels. Unless the latter scenario materializes, our bias remains to the downside for a decline towards the 88.23/12 level and beyond.

Forex Results:
*NZD/USD: SELL: ENTRY: 0.70, TP: 0.6920, SL: 0.7085, PIPS: 80
*USD/CAD: SELL: ENTRY: 1.025, TP: 1.024, SL: 1.0346, PIPS: -102
*GBP/JPY: SELL: ENTRY: 131, TP: 129.75, SL: 131.95, PIPS: -95
*EUR/JPY: SELL: ENTRY: 111.724, TP: 110.00, SL: 113.47, PIPS: 172


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I hope you have a great trading day and remember forex can be a great investment you just need the right tools to succeed.

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