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Gold as Investor´s Instrument

InstaForex company suggests you to get acquainted with one of the most stable and affective instruments of capital saving. Nowadays almost every interested person can get an access to the global gold market and invest his funds in this precious metal. Moreover gold may be not only as dead weight but also percentage deposit. You may use gold in forward transactions, which gave tangible profit. This is very effective to invest in gold in the period of crises, when other investment instruments can not give the same result. More about Instaforex HERE



The commodity may have halted its recent corrective weakness at the 1,477.30 level having closed flat at the past week. However, it remains vulnerable. We are seeing two scenarios likely to play out. One being a break back below the 1,462.15 level with a loss of there turning risk towards its .618. Fib Ret (1,380.85- 1,576.20 rally) at 1,455.00. A combination of these two levels is expected to provide a strong support and turn the commodity back up in the direction of its larger trend. However, if this fails, the 1,443.70 level, its April 12’2011 low will be targeted ahead of the 1,409.75 level, its Mar 28’2011 low and then the 1,380.85 level, its Mar 15’2011 low. Alternatively, the second scenario will be a break and hold above the 1,576.20 level, its 2011 high. This will set the stage for further gains towards its psycho level at 1,600 and then the 1,650.00 level. All in all, Gold remains biased to the upside in the long term uptrend but maintains a corrective tone in the immediate term.

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