USA: СВ Consumer Confidence makes up 52.5pts in December

As reported by MarketLeader(US)

Dec 28th 2010 at 15.00GMT the US Conference Board released its Consumer Confidence report.
Previous value 54.1 Forecast 56.3
The СВ Consumer Confidence index is a composite index based on household research. The consumer confidence index is an anticipatory indicator of consumer spending, which in its turn is the main indicator of the country’s overall economic activity. The survey involves 5000 households. The respondents are asked to evaluate the present and future economic conditions, including labor market perspectives, business conditions and general economic situation.
In the US the СВ Consumer Confidence index grows in value, however insignificantly (a couple of points). According to James Nielsen, vice-president of Global Consumer Insights under Nielsen Co., the Americans are still too cautious about their spending in the light of economic ambiguity and still high unemployment level.   More read...


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