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Traderush's strong reputation for reliability,combined with their outstanding customer service is what really sells them for me. Or that has what has kept me there over the last two years at least. Over the last few years of binary options trading being available to retail traders I've shopped around quite a bit, and for the most part the similarities far outweigh any differences between brokers. It is an extremely competitive industry so features and options tend to normalize across various brands rather quickly once an innovation is introduced by one.


Choosing from among the 200+ binary options brokers currently operating in this market can be difficult and often it comes down to factors such as customer perks and deposit bonuses. These things are important - perks more than bonuses for me - but what is probably the most important factor of all, for any broker of any financial instrument is customer service. Without it all those other things mean nothing. Traderush lives by this philosophy and they deliver in a big way in my experience. Certainly more than I ever expected from a binary options broker.


Binary options trading isn't for everyone though. If you don't feel comfortable with at least some basic chart/technical analysis then trading in any kind of financial product probably isn't right for you. But if you can get comfortable with the basics then binary options trading with Traderush can offer unique and rewarding opportunities which cannot be found with any other kind of financial instrument.

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