Why traders give money to market after winning?

When traders trade in Forex, they know they have to make the profit. They use all the strategies and they work hard. You will find that not all the people can keep their money in their account. After they have won some trades, they lost trades and they have to give back their profit. If you are thinking why these people have to give their money after winning, you need to read this article. This article will tell you why traders give their money to market when they have won the money with their trades. The market is not telling them to give money as it is where the traders make money. It is because they are greedy and they cannot live without trading. This article will explore this pattern of the people and you may know what you need to do to keep your money in your account. You will lose some trade in Forex but do not lose after winning trades. There should be some trades and you need to have profit in your account.

Losing all your profit in a single trade

How many times have you lost your whole month trading profit in a single trade? The answer should be, many times. The retail traders often get overconfident by securing a series of winning trades on the global market. They simply don’t understand the fact that losing trades are waiting on the sideline and they must face them. The more trade they win the bigger risk they take. But in the Forex market, there nothing you can do by taking excessive risk in any single trade. In fact, the pro traders never take more than 3-5% risk in any single trade even though they have the best possible trade setup.

Being a professional trader is not about making a profit. It’s how well you find profitable trades in your trading platform. You need to find such trade which is bigger risk-reward ratio so that you can easily cover up your trading loss with few winners. If you find a high-quality trading signal with 1:1 risk reward ratio ignores the trade. Make sure that you are trading this market with at least 1:2+ risk-reward ratio.

They trade with the same strategy

These people become greedy after winning trades and they trade the market with their same strategy. They think they are going to make money with the same strategy they have used to make the profit. They do not analyze the market, do not read the indicators and pace their trades. We all know what happens to them, they lost their money they have won in Forex. Every trade is new in Forex. You cannot hope the trends that you have traded will not change when you are placing another trade. You have to analyze the market every time before you trade.

They do not analyze for new trades

The trends that are on your charts do not say anything if you do not analyze them. There are many patterns and indicators for the people who are trading to know these trends. If you think you can make money always because you have successfully make a profit in your trade, you are wrong. You need to analyze before every trade. We know it is hard but money does not come to your home in Forex.

They become emotional after winning

When you win, we know that you will feel like you want to throw a party. This is what we also felt when we made our profit in Forex. Emotion is not going to trade the market for you. When you win a trade, take a break. You need to give yourself time to analyze the market and trade. If you are trading without the break when you are emotional because you have won money, it is not going to take time before you give your money to market.

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