XE currency converter has recently went through a face lift and a few new and exciting features were added to it. I would like to give a short XE review for people who are unfamiliar with it. 


XE.com is based in Newmarket, Ontario. The company is managed by Steven Dangler (CEO) and Beric Farmer (President). It provides many currency related products and services but I would like to focus on the XE currency converter, especially since it got a nice face lift a short while ago.


XE is converting 165 currencies from pretty much any corner around the globe, which means that in order for you to find a currency using a drop down menu, the common way of using a currency converter, you would end up wasting precious time and it could lead you to frustration especially if you need the rate now. The solution for this problem came in the form of auto-fill search tab. What this means is that now you can type to search every world currency and as you type it the system automatically shows you a list of currencies that have the letters you typed in them, making it very easy for you to find the currency you are looking for.


Another issue that is common with converters is that we normally convert the same currencies. So if you go every day to check a specific currency pair and have to go through the process again it could get annoying. With the new XE converter the system now remembers your last conversion and it can be used as reference. In addition it also keeps recent currencies at the top so if you convert a few currency pairs you will have fast and easy access to them all.


One last thing I would like to address is the extras. Most currency converters are basic, meaning they provide you with the ability to convert currencies and that's it. The thing is many people would like to have additional tools that can give them a broader picture of why the currency pair is at the current rate and how this affects other currencies. In the new XE currency converter this issue was solved as it now includes cross-rates and news tabs that can be switched to with a click of a mouse.


To sum it up I think the new and improved XE currency converter is great and could be very helpful for people who convert currencies frequently.

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